Scrapbook Sunday

I’m still plugging away at Project Life.  I’ve found a rhythm for doing this.  It means I am regularly a few weeks behind but since I tend to be that anyway its no big deal. I am caught up with pages through September.  I have October’s photos chosen & my notes.  Now I am working […]

Project Life Update

19 weeks in and I’ve done 17 weeks of layouts.

Honestly I never thought I’d make it this far & I have mixed emotions about it.  PL is really sucking up all my scrapping energy. To the point of where I rarely scrap anything else & that is kind of a bummer.  But I’m going […]

Project Life so far

I’m 12 weeks into it.

Well… I have 11 weeks completed fully. I have week 12 planned but haven’t started yet.

Week 12’s plan. The blank spots get paper.

Even if I fail to get the whole year done, if nothing else I have documented one of the longest and snowiest regional […]

Scrapbook Saturday

A couple of layouts I have done recently.


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