The Hat

I crocheted this hat a couple months ago.

I don’t like it.

The pattern is ok. Not wildly interesting but it’s a hat. It doesn’t need to be wildly interesting. It just needs to fit on my head and keep it warm.

But this hat does not do that.

It’s too big. Too […]

Little craft project

I am on Pinterest. I have a board of crochet goodness there for things I want to make or tutorials I want to check out.

This weekend I was looking for a quick little project  & decided on this broomstick lace bracelet from cult of crochet

Her directions are for lefties so I […]

My latest reading list

I have a rather large stack of books on my nightstand, the photo of which I can’t find right now and the camera battery is currently charging, so let me just say it is currently 12 books tall and doesn’t include the 3 I read over the weekend.

The book that gets the most attention […]

Trying to create, with hecklers

This post has been written by the voices in my head. If I don’t let them out every now & then they get cranky.

Voice #1: She’s been crocheting randomly again.

Voice #2: What is that thing?

Voice #3: It looks like a crocheted bowling pin

Voice #1: Would it kill her […]

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