Conference time

Among the things I was doing last week, when I wasn’t reassembling all my computer stuff, were parent teacher conferences.

The first 9 weeks of school has been & gone and grades were sent home the day before the conferences.

Mayhem did wonderfully, which we more or less expected. He’s had a few dings here […]

A foreshadowing

of why there will not be a holiday photo card again this year.

But first, some background!

This weekend, while DH & his buds were down at the Machine Gun Shoot, I took the demons to the harvest festival at a local farm & orchard.

The boys spent a few hours playing on the haybale […]

9 years ago today

and today

Happy Birthday Havoc!


Entrepreneurial spirit

Lately the boys are all about making money.

They have discovered they can buy certain Wii & DS games used for really cheap by surfing the web for the best deals.

When your allowance is $3 a week and the game is $7 with shipping it isn’t too hard to save. Especially if you […]

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