Oh dear

From this

to this

in the blink of an eye.

Or 9 years.

However you choose to look at it.

Happy Birthday Mayhem!


It’s going around

Whatever IT might be, it’s going around; or so I am told.

There is a stomach bug going around. 24-36 hours of nausea & related activities. Lots of kids have had it & so have their parents.

There is a 48 hour virus thingy going around. It causes headaches & fever. Lots of kids have […]

It’s Football Season!

Not that it ever really stopped being football season in Mayhem-land.

He’s kind of obsessed.

It’s all football, all the time, all year round with him.

To say I find this a tad tedious might be understating the situation.

It’s more like “OMG kid! It’s frikken APRIL! There is nothing remotely football related going on […]

Monday Meanderings

We were well occupied these last few days before school starts Thursday.

We went bowling

Mayhem had more football practice & loved every minute of being able to tackle people

DH decided to reframe the porch thingy side window.

Mayhem pitched a screaming crying fit when he lost all Wii privileges for […]

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