10 books I have read recently

Or “recently” as the case may be.

And maybe I should say ‘read and/or tried to read’ or “recently” might go back to February.

And one of the 10 is actually a 12 book series but “22 things on the 10th” doesn’t quite have the same ring.

This is sort of randomish & in no […]

More Dukes than Dustmen

It’s no secret I enjoy a good Regency romance now and then. I read a slew of them last summer and still manage one or two a month on average. They are easy reads with predictable plots, perfectly decent escapism when you don’t want the complications of figuring out whodunnit. Plus many of them have […]

I was shocked!

Earlier this month I had to trek down to Specialist City to see my sleep doc.

I call it Specialist City because every one of the family’s medical specialists are located there. Not one is located in nearby Small Town. No. We have to drive a hour or so Specialist City if we have […]

January Reading Part 1

I’ve been reading the books in Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War series this month. First I reread The White Queen, then I read the Red Queen, Lady of the Rivers and the non-fiction Women of the Cousins’ War.

The White Queen – This book is about Elizabeth Woodville, a commoner, widow, from a Lancastrian family, who […]

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