Wordy Thursday

I forgot what day it was… DH took the kids to a Nationals game yesterday, in my car, so I was stuck at home & got involved in reading & totally spaced the blog post I was going to do about reading.

This is probably the biggest stack of to be read dead tree [...]

10 on the 10th

I’ve found my reading topic for the summer! 

And it’s inspired this 10 on the 10th post. 

Due to budget cuts (thank you transmission & dental crown) my summer reading has to be free or under $2 a book. Between my library and all the kindle books under $2 this is easy [...]

10 books I have read recently

Or “recently” as the case may be.

And maybe I should say ‘read and/or tried to read’ or “recently” might go back to February.

And one of the 10 is actually a 12 book series but “22 things on the 10th” doesn’t quite have the same ring.

This is sort of randomish & in no [...]

More Dukes than Dustmen

It’s no secret I enjoy a good Regency romance now and then. I read a slew of them last summer and still manage one or two a month on average. They are easy reads with predictable plots, perfectly decent escapism when you don’t want the complications of figuring out whodunnit. Plus many of them have [...]

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