About Me

My name is Stacey. I am a 40 something stay at home mom, with two boys. I have been blogging since 2005. Before that I was on Live Journal, before that I had some software called Life Journal, before that I went old school with a notebook & pen. I’ve kept some sort of journal since I was 10. This is just the latest incarnation.

It’s a lot more fun too because I get to meet people with a blog, which never happened with the notebook.

I have an assortment of hobbies. I like to read, mostly historic mysteries but lately I’ve been reading chick lit mysteries. I crochet little amigurumi items. I do cross stitch. Sometimes I take on my life long nemesis – the scissors, and try to cut fabric and sew things. I also scrapbook, but only digitally due to the scissors issue. I enjoy cooking but only sometimes. Having to provide a meal for 4 people day after day can really suck the fun out of it occasionally.

I have insomnia. I’ve had it since mid 2002. I struggled with meditating, dietary changes, forming a routine, and eventually various pills,etc etc for almost 5 years before finally I found something that worked. I took Lunesta for 3 years and it worked well but they don’t like you taking it that long so they made me stop back in Dec 2009. Since then I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve had more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. My brain is busy. It’s afraid it will miss something if it goes to sleep I guess so every night as I wind down it hurtles itself around my subconscious like a kid in a candy store – Hey look at this ! Hey whats that! Hey remember when!. Nothing bad, nothing anxious, just songs & stories & poems & past events & anything else it can find to keep from shutting down.

So I’m often forgetful.

And cranky.

And really really tired.

But cheerful and optimistic, so I suppose that’s something.

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