Mailing Things is Hard

I do database things at my job, with some tech support, the occasional sale, and bits & pieces of billing thrown in.  Mostly I run reports and do various things with the reports.  It’s a small company (15 people, only 5 of which actually work in the office, others are service techs out int he field or support people who work from home) so work gets spread out among us. It’s not always the best plan, and it’s never the most efficient but it sort of grew into this organically so we go with it.

One of the bits of billing I occasionally pick up is when the main billing person is out, I do the mailing of invoices to our customers who pay by sending in a check.

I am really bad at this job.  Not the computer part.  I can run the report of cash/check customers for that day.  I can check to see who has past due amounts.  I can print the appropriate invoice.  Then it all goes to hell.

The first time I did this job was about 5 months ago.  It was also the first time I had mailed ANYTHING through the post office in about 8-10 years. I’ve sent plenty of packages UPS or Fed Ex but I honestly cannot recall the last time I put an envelope in a mail box prior to this. I think it was something to do with getting Havoc signed up for kindergarten when he was 5.  He’s 15 now.  I don’t own a checkbook anymore & couldn’t tell you the last time I wrote a check.  Cash or debit card are the only ways you can get my money. 

The red flag on the mailbox at our house broke off at some point.  We have no idea when.  Probably in the last 2 years we think.

So I print out the invoices, fold them into the size they need to be for the addresses to show in the window envelopes, stuff them in the envelopes, seal the envelopes and mail them.

Without stamps.

Because I had forgotten stamps were a thing until about 2 hours after I dropped them into the box.

The second and third times I did the mailing I remembered the stamps but I gave myself several fairly deep paper cuts each time while folding the invoices, getting blood on them and on the pre-stamped (so I didn’t forget to do it) envelopes.  Bloody invoices for all!

The fourth time, this happened.

Inked2018-05-04 11.06.00_LI

And I didn’t discover it until I had sealed the pre-stamped (so I didn’t forget to do it) envelopes shut.  Cue cut and tape of stamps onto new envelopes because I ripped open most of them rather than cutting them neatly with a letter opener because I apparently am lacking the skill set to use one properly.

Unfortunately due to the job specifications of  who all actually works in the office, I am the only one with the time to do the invoices when my co-worker is out. So despite 4 massive fails in a row at this job, it is still mine.

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