Havoc is driving!

He passed his learner’s permit test yesterday.

No picture yet because they mail you the actual license in 7 -10 business days now rather than printing it there and let’s face it, holding up a piece of 8.5×11 paper just doesn’t have the same impact.

He’s had some practice before in the high school parking lot and he’s been driving the tractor since he was about 10 or so, (as soon as he could reach the pedals while keeping his butt in the seat) so I let him drive part of the way home.  I waited until we were off of the 4 lane 65MPH highway and on to the first of the 2 lane roads.  No sense terrifying the kid right off with merging into traffic doing 70MPH+.

He did really well for a first time dealing with other cars on an unmarked road.  He had the normal issues,  like maintaining speed and he took bends in the road a bit sharply and was constantly adjusting the wheel, but these are things that come with practice.  It’s been 34 years since I learned to drive and you forget things that are now ingrained habits, like taking your foot off the gas when you see a bend coming up instead of hitting the brakes, starting an easy slow turn of the wheels as you approach rather than waiting until you’re at it.

DH took him out later on a long loop through our area & noticed the same things.  

Thursday he has an after school activity and I’m going to let him drive home, which means the highway, but we get on it from a stop light and hit a series of them so he’ll have to deal with cars all around him but not at high speeds. And we can turn off of it at a light as well & take the long way home so he won’t have to deal with trying to cross a divided highway at a low visibility turn just yet. 

That’ll be next week.

Mayhem is Mayhem.  Mostly he plays Fortnight and various offline “world conquest” strategy games. We’ve gotten him a work permit to work at my company this summer, like Havoc does.  They’ll work a day or so a week, cleaning & organizing equipment, assembling equipment, inventorying equipment in the tech trucks, washing the tech trucks, etc.  Mayhem wants to take sales & customer service calls.  He’s VERY eager to do so but it’s not really likely.  Mostly we just aren’t busy enough but with summer vacations he might get a chance.  And his still has some issues with his diction.  He can be hard to understand sometimes & really has to remember to speak slowly & enunciate each word. I think it would be good for him to try though so I am hoping we can make it happen a few times for him here & there.

Since I didn’t have a picture of Havoc with his license to share, here is one of him with his prom date.  I took it with my phone.  The quality is not that great.


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