I seem to be missing mine lately.

Havoc overslept.  Mayhem went off to meet the bus and Havoc dashed about getting ready so we could get in the car and chase the bus down before it left the neighborhood & get him on it without my having to drive 20 minutes in the wrong direction to take him to school.  (school is south, work is north).  Suddenly Mayhem turns up at the door and all I can think is any hope of catching the bus in the neighborhood is shot.  The bus must have been early.

No.  Mayhem starts shouting “Come on Havoc!  The bus is waiting!  She told me to run and get you!”

I have no adjectives for that. “Weird” is all that came to mind.  It was just so outside my expectations in this situation. I’ve never had just one kid miss the bus in 9 years of putting 2 kids on the bus.  Buses have schedules.  Waiting around for one kid to run back up his long driveway to fetch the other kid, who had literally just rolled out of bed as his brother was leaving, was so totally beyond any possibility to me. I was speechless when it happened.  “This county is so weird” is all I could eventually manage.

Of course, this is also the bus I chased down outside the neighborhood.  When she pulled over a bit to let me pass her, which they do as a courtesy at some intersections, I was able to roll down my window and ask if my kids could get on now. She totally let them!! So I was only 10 minutes in the wrong direction instead of 20.

The various after school clubs the boys belong too never seem to have time frames for how long events will take on weekends.  Will they need picked up at 3pm? 5pm? 8pm?  It makes it difficult to make plans for the rest of family because at literally ANY minute we could get a call from the child in question that he’s 20 minutes from the school (they bus them from the school to events on weekends).  If we’re an hour away because last week we didn’t get a call until 6pm and it’s only 2:30, that is a problem.  All I can say is “well, that’s….” and words come to me like irritating & awkward but those don’t really convey what I think about it.



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