The Week that Was

They are all so similar, these days. I go to work, I come home, homework is done, supper is made or bought, tv is watched & then bed. So, coming into the long holiday ‘season’ of my job (August to February), the 6 day, 56 hour weeks that are looming ahead, I thought I would try weekly blogging to record the little things that are different – – what was for supper, what was homework, what was inspected, what is up with the boys.

For instance, did you know Mayhem has a girlfriend? Yes, he does.

He’s 12.

She’s Havoc’s ex.

He’s 13.

Middle school.  *sigh*

Christmas has begun at work.  I inspected a bunch of white flocked Xmas trees.  I’m guessing this type of tree is bought by people without pets or small kid. I also had some regular green ones that had hundreds of LEDs on it, over 10,000 on a 9ft tree.  They were so pretty! and they came with different twinkle settings including a flashing one that made us think of a dance club.  There were also shoes, and a cursed order of shirts (it took 3 days!), quilts, outdoor holiday décor on timers, this awesome multipurpose knife with a 10” blade, and everybody’s favorite – adirondack chairs.

9 hour shifts all week.

DH set up a crock pot of honey garlic chicken one day and I made honey chicken noodle bowls with the leftovers another night. I made monte cristo sandwiches Tuesday and we had japanese take out one night. I did cheeseburger pie as well and we had tacos.

Lunch was a mess as usual. I had the honey chicken leftovers once & ended up getting a sandwich at work twice. One day was yogurt & string cheese. And then there was this:

2016-08-31 12.08.06

This week I should have a decent amount of leftovers for lunch, assuming I actually make all the meals I have planned.

I spent the better part of 2 weeks following this really long (and kinda wasteful) process to make sourdough starter a month ago. It makes a delicious loaf, though it is still kind of hot to be making bread too often

I’ve been on a Time Team binge on tv. Amazon Prime has 10 seasons.  I’ve been mixing it in with Poirot. I have an Acorn TV subscription through Amazon and am working my way through the entire series, followed by Miss Marple.

I haven’t seen regular tv since sometime in July. 

You know what that means? 

I have yet to see a political ad!

Envy me.

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