Photos of the month

I’ve been working 56 hour weeks.

And that will continue through Christmas, with the possibility for 10 hour days to become 12 hour ones.

Not looking forward to it.

This is the over crowded warehouse

2015-10-02 10.33.29

Every paperclip is a purchase order we have to do quality assurance on. 2015-10-02 13.01.58

There is so much paperwork/data entry in this job.

Which is sort of my thing. I admit, I kind of love paperwork & data entry.

And I get lots of physical exercise

So it’s a good job for me from that perspective.  But I am really hating the hours right now

In other news DH & I went on a date night and about 90 minutes into it Havoc sent us this photo:


Last thing we said to them before we left was load the dishwasher & run it.

But there wasn’t enough dish detergent so they topped it up was Dawn dish soap.

We weren’t even mad.

After all they had run the dishwasher.

And the floor needed mopped anyway.

What were we off doing?

I was getting this:

2015-09-19 09.17.28

My newest tattoo. 3 years in the making.  I was supposed to get this for my 45th birthday.

In 2012.

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1 comment to Photos of the month

  • helena

    lovely to see you pop up – no surprise you have little time to blog with those hours. Great ink – I’m becoming a vicarious tattoo fan (too much of a woos pain wise to have one) and addicted to ink master on TV – we are getting it 2 series behind live.