Long awaited changes

These guys have been around this holiday weekend.


Contractosaurs (and boss).

We had some work that needed done but really needed a few days available to make it happen. I’ve been working so much overtime that we’ve had to wait until this weekend to do it.

The boys moved into separate rooms ages ago this year & at the time we promised both of them they could repaint their rooms.

Havoc’s was white with a definite pinkish tint to it and Mayhem’s was the darker red & blue that they had chosen a few years ago for the room they shared.

Then we promised them we would repaint when they got back from summer camp in June.

Then we promised they could paint their rooms when we got back from Wheeling in July. 

Then August sort of got away from us.

But they were really very patient about it. They’ve lived with us all our lives. They know how these things go.

Still, at last the weekend arrived and we began painting.  This is the color Havoc chose.


A nice soothing blue.

This is Mayhem’s color


Otherwise known as “DAYUM SON! That’s a bright orange!”

Havoc’s went on with one easy coat of paint with primer.  Took a little over half a gallon of paint by the time we had done all the touchups.

Mayhem’s though… well, lets say the paint with primer is great for covering light paint but fairly worthless at darker shades. After two coats on most of the walls, using all of the gallon of paint, the walls were orangish with a slickly green undercoat.  Another gallon of paint got the walls not going to be covered up by bookshelves just orange.

When we go to paint over that room in a month or 5 years or whenever, we will just prime the walls first and then use the paint plus primer over it.

Probably we should not have taken advice from the contractosaurs.

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