The oldest thing in the house

Yes, this is one of those “How expired is that?” posts.

This one did not begin with a burning need to clean out an appliance or cupboard.

There was no cleaning at all.

DH is working on another online class for a job certification and wanted a notebook of ‘reasonable size’ and all he could find was tiny pocket ones. I knew I’d run across a stash of notebooks recently & tracked them down & gave him one.

This is what he found when he opened it.


The interior calendar page is dated from 2006-2009.

Because surely to god whoever bought the notebook would have used it in a 4 year period right?

Yeah, no.

So what we have here is a notebook that technically ‘expired’ 6 years ago, which tops the most out of date item I have ever come across by a good 3 years.

But then again…. it’s been awhile since I cleaned out the pantry.

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