Project Life update & plans

So I am still doing it.  Surprise! 

I never really thought I would manage to keep up with this but somehow I have.  I’m scrapping November now & have December photos edited!.

But I have scrapped nothing else and have practically stopped blogging.

Well, probably I can’t connect the lack of blogging with Project Life, but the lack of scrapping is totally down to Project Life.  It’s either/or and I am okay with that for now.  So okay with it I am going to give PL another chance next year. With a few changes.

Photos have proven more of a challenge this year than in the past. Partially due to the boys getting older and playing with toys less.  There are only so many “Havoc on the computer” or “Mayhem playing xbox” shots you can take since they all look identical apart from what shirt they have on. 

Partially also due to work.  I was a SAHM for the first 4 years of my 365 Project so there was plenty of time to go places & take pictures but the last 2 years I have been employed and my life, which was already ridiculously routine, became even more narrow in terms of where I go every day. There are only so many photos of my desk I can take since they all look identical apart from what snack I am eating.

So this year I’m branching out.

I’ve done a project called 30 Days of Lists several times now so I have about 120 list topics.  I picked 26 of them & will have different people in the family complete one of them every week & use them on the pages.

I’ll also be screen shoting my Facebook statuses & getting screen shots of the games the males play on the computer.

Plus text messages.

I’m still going for a photo a day. Mostly because after 6 years I really don’t know how to stop, even if I do miss some days because they were identical to the day before, only supper & evening tv being different.

We’ll see how it goes.

week 41aweek 41bweek 42aweek 42bweek 43aweek 43bweek 44aweek 44b

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2 comments to Project Life update & plans

  • I hear you on the photos. I take so many less these days; almost all the fall ones were of Clara running!
    And time . . . well, I had none this fall because work was so busy.
    Your pages look great.

  • Helena

    I like your plan – I’ve been taking screen shots recently to use in my PL album and intend to use it more as so much of my time is spent in front of a screen