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I’ve been out of blogging for a few weeks, new job and all that, but I have been trying to keep up with reading everyone else’s’ posts.  Last week Sian at From High in the Sky, suggested bringing back her Christmas Club meme from a  couple years ago.  Journal Your Christmas is not happening this year. I’m not even going to pretend to myself that I will start it.  Even 30 days of lists is too much work for me right now. 

But I think I can manage a post.

"At Christmas we…"

* Have an elf on the shelf


I know a lot of people are all “Oh those elves!  Too much work!  Having to move them around every night & spend an hour or more creating elaborate scenarios of mischief.  Not for me.  I’ll leave that to those over achiever moms.”  Or “That elf is too creepy”

I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet.  I agree the standard elf is creepy.

Elvin is a stuffed toy & can be played with. (the ‘no touching rule’ would have lasted 10 minutes in our house followed by hours of copious weeping and recriminations by the boys about who caused the elf to lose is magic)

The thing about the elf is there are no rules. Do as much as you like, as often as you like.  Or you know, decide at the last minute to put some green food coloring in the toilet water and leave the elf sitting on the counter & hope the kids make the connection.

Forgot to move the elf?  Add a quick prop.


Can’t think of anything to do with him? Stick him in the fridge. (elves like cold.  they can end up in the fridge multiple times.)


This is as creative as I get with Elvin.


It takes 5 minutes.

The boys are currently 12 and nearly 11.  At this point all bets are off on the whole ‘he’s a magical elf who moves’ thing.  They just like having him come by and do a few silly things during the month.  It is now a tradition. And because I started with lowered expectations it is a low maintenance one.

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6 comments to Christmas Club

  • i bought an elf for my niece’s children this year as I love the idea, and at 28 and 24 my own kids are a little too old to start a new tradition here! I love the toilet paper round the tree idea!

  • The toilet papered tree made me smile – I have some friends/family who do the elf thing. Not my thing at all – a low maintenance one where the kids join in would be my style :)

  • I love the bottle and fallen elf! and the tree took me ages, I just didn’t see him on the side. Brilliant story.

  • Love your post! I’ve done this in year’s past and haven’t been doing it this year but you might just have tempted me to start again!!!![I stopped because my daughter got scared of it but she’s older now]…[A fellow Christmas Club-er]

  • Gail

    I love it – especially the one with the bottle! I keep hearing about the Elf but didn’t know what it was so thanks for the little explanation.

  • The older we get, the simpler the holidays and traditions become!
    Love the passed out elvin.