Scrapbook Sunday

I’m still plugging away at Project Life.  I’ve found a rhythm for doing this.  It means I am regularly a few weeks behind but since I tend to be that anyway its no big deal. I am caught up with pages through September.  I have October’s photos chosen & my notes.  Now I am working on layout design & assembly.

Here are some highlights

week 27aweek 27bweek 29bweek 29aweek 31bweek 31aweek 33aweek 33bweek 39aweek 39b

The job is going…. well, it’s going.  I’m not exactly being given the work I was hired to do and I find that a bit annoying.  Especially as I see people hired after me are given that work.  But for now I am letting it go.  After Black Friday… well, that’s another story. I’m only guaranteed a job through the holiday season so I don’t really want to rock the boat as I want to be kept on regularly.  But doing what I was hired to do, not what they have me doing.

So I suppose we’ll see.

And customer service?  Sometimes it’s a lot like reading the comment section of news articles online.  Makes you wonder what the hell people are thinking.  Shakes your faith in humanity really, the things people feel empowered to say when they are not within slapping range.  But most of the people are okay & I like it mostly.  I’m not really a people person so getting back into that sort of headspace has been a challenge for me.

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