Monday Meander

I’m working 9:30-2:30 this week, except Friday, when I get done at 2:15 for some inexplicable reason, but whatever. It’s also pay week & with that unexpected 40 hour week it should be a decent one.

We have football games Tuesday & Wednesday nights, both at our field.

I’ve been going to the gym after work instead of rushing around to be at the gym before 7am, so I have time to work out and take a shower & get ready for work at the gym (because the gym is in small town 20 minutes north and I work in tiny town 20 minutes south, so no going home to change).  I’m liking this change. There are maybe a half a dozen people working out at 3pm. No wait for any of the strength machines or the weights or any of the cardio machines. 

My hours change in a month, but I’m enjoying it while I can.

week 39

It’s been really misty every morning & finally some of the leaves are starting to turn colors. We get days with a high of 65 and days with a high of 85, so at least the weather is behaving the way it ought to.

week 39-2

I’m working on another hat. This one is a creation of my own making & I took this photo in mid-unravel. Three quarters of the way through it I realized it was way too loose & I didn’t like that pink stripe so I pulled the whole thing apart & started over.

I’m sorry I’ve been behind on my blog commenting. I can’t surf the web at this job like I could at my last one & commenting on my phone is a PITA.  I’m hoping to get caught up tomorrow as I have nothing to do from 3-5:30 (except nag at Mayhem to get his football gear on). 

I hope you all have a good week!

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5 comments to Monday Meander

  • I can’t believe you drive 20 miles to go to the gym! Well, 40 if you count the bit between work and home from the opposite direction. Makes me feel VERY lazy! I finish work at 3.45 most days and it is nice to be able to get to the shops etc while other people are still at work isn’t it?
    Hope you don’t end up spending the whole two and a half hours nagging Mayhem – but I do remember spending much of my son’s teenage years trying to get him organised!

  • OK, clearly I misread your post 20 minutes drive not 20 miles!!!! Still impressive though!

  • I hope you have a great week!

    I’ve discovered that crochet is so much easier to unravel and put right than knitting. Another reason to love it

  • Helena

    lovely misty vista and love the lacy pattern on the hat

  • Oh the autumn shot is nice – our trees are starting to change here too. I’m behind on blog posting and commenting (and many other things) so understand. Glad you’ve got the hours at the moment tho’ :)