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Last week of summer! We had plans for this week, but as usual those plans have been supplanted. Instead there will be the usual routine of practice, sandwiches, shouting at brothers by both other brothers and parents, threats, lies and photographs.

Though I have been falling behind on the photographs due to being way ahead on the shouting.



I applied for a new job! It’s actually my old job!  It is the exact same job – titles, duties, software, etc – that was doing when Havoc was born back in 2002.  I had to give that job up due to my child care arrangements falling through & then learning, just as I was getting them rearranged, that I was pregnant with Mayhem & well, SAHM seemed to be the best option at that time. Now it’s 12 years later & time to transition from part time work to full time work and I would like my old job back please.  It’s open after all & you can’t find a better qualified candidate.  So here’s hoping I get a call for an interview.



Sandwiches, leftovers.  I’m not even trying really.  Football practice adds & subtracts days as they please. There is no point planning anything.





Today we go to Middle School orientation with Havoc. (for non-Americans, in our area grades 6th-8th are in one school building called Middle School, in other areas it can be from 6th-9th and could be called Junior High)  I realize this is supposed to be all angsty & stuff for me & Havoc but neither of us seem to be getting into the spirit of it. It’s not like he’s suddenly going to be in a sea of strangers. It’ll be the same kids he’s been with since kindergarten.  There’s only one of each grade in the whole county, so the same 120ish kids are together from the first day of kindergarten until the last day of high school.  Plus hormones.  That’ll be new.

We get a lecture on how middle school works & then he gets his schedule & locker combination & can go find their classrooms & practice opening their lockers.   I got him a combination lock to practice on now before he gets his locker assignment & has to try to open it surrounded by all his peers.  I knew learning how it works would be a frustrating & whiny process (much like shoe tying) & decided it was best undertaken at home, rather than with an audience.  Sure enough it was exactly the experience I envisioned but now he has it down and can teach others. 

Mayhem’s Open House is Thursday & we can meet his teacher.  There is an orientation but at this point it’s unnecessary for us.  Now I just need to sort out all those school supplies I bought so each boy can take them with him.

Loving the new Doctor. Loving even more that he isn’t anyone’s boyfriend.  The whole ‘in love with the Doctor’ thing that has run through nearly every single companion of the new series has bugged me no end. It’s just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Donna is my very favorite companion & a good part of that is that she was never in love with the Doctor (sometimes you wondered if she even liked the guy all that much).  She and Ten had a wonderful relationship.  I was so relieved after Rose and Martha. I was about to give up on it all but Donna saved that. And I liked Amy’s story enough to stick around, though towards the end of her run it was getting to be the “Amy Pond Show, featuring The Doctor”.  I’m ambivalent about Clara.  The Doctor is a freaky, somewhat scary alien, not a romantic lead. The only person who has any business being in love with the Doctor is River & she’s sort of a freaky, rather more scary alien herself. I’m not usually all pedantic about how shows ought to go but having been a classic Who fan since the mid-70s, I just cannot get behind the idea of him as a love interest.  It’s wrong and I’m glad they’ve fixed it. At least for now.

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4 comments to This week

  • Helena

    totally agree about the Dr – the whole Clara is love thing was cringey and I’m enjoying the older Scottish Dr. Fingers crossed for your job

  • Totally agree about the love interest thing – was never able to get into it. In fact haven’t watched most of the new series for that reason.

  • Another one here who agrees with you about the Dr

    Best of luck with the job and the school stuff. happy New Year

  • Your schools seem a bit different to ours. We have primary schools (Reception class to Year 6 – age 4-11) then secondary schools (Year 7 -11 age 12-16) then you either stay on to do Sixth Form at a secondary school (Year 12-13 age 16 – 18) or go to college or … go out to work. Pretty much all schools have a school uniform up until 6th form. I don’t know why we still call them 6th form! Years ago when you went to secondary school you started again with being in the 1st Year, 2nd Year etc ending up with 6th form. Not everyone goes from the same primary to the same secondary. In fact, it’s really hard to get into your first choice of secondary’s around here because we have too many primaries and not enough secondary’s! I always feel a bit sorry for the new Year 7s when we go back in September, they always look so little and lost but give them a term and they are acting like they’ve been there forever. Good luck Havoc!