Summer Update

I’m still trying to fix the publishing problems with the blog. Having to do this online is a challenge for me.

And let’s face it, there isn’t much going on around here.

We began July with a trip to Wheeling, where with the help of my nieces, we found our 100th geocache, plus several others. The girls & boys spent part of every day helping out at the Beast of the East. We also did some swimming, hung out with the grandparents, had diCarlo’s pizza and got some Smilie cookies from Eat N Park.

week 27-5

In other words, the typical visit home.

Then we came home and I can’t tell you what all happened the rest of the month.

See, I signed up for a kindle unlimited subscription and spent the remaining weeks of July reading nearly every MC Beaton/Marion Chesney Regency romance available on kindle.

I sort of O.D.’d on them.

They are all about 150 pages (aka 2 hours or less) & are quick, easy reads. And I just kept downloading, reading & deleting them.

They aren’t even all that good overall. Lots and lots of period details, which was mostly interesting, though 2 pages worth of stuff about the history of stagecoach trips was a bit much. The heroines were generally ok, but some of the heroes were unmitigated assholes, who never really improved at all. I can only assume their ladies were all about 18 years old because no even slightly mature woman would put up with their shit. I doubt the happily ever afters. I suspect they were just ‘happily for a few weeks, maybe a couple months at the outside’ before misery set in.

I’ve moved on to WWII non-fiction now & am pacing myself better.

I did get to cook nearly every night and that made me happy.

There were also many margaritas! I had to get a second giant bottle of tequila. Havoc has learned to make them & most nights will make some for DH & I.

Now it is August and my non-sports time has ended. Football began Monday. Used to be all 3 age groups practiced on the same days, at the same time, in the same place and games were on the same day, in the same place, one after the other.

But not this year! Oh no!

This year one age group practices Mon-Wed and the other practices Tues-Thurs. Games are all over the place, at different times & days.

Naturally. The boys are in different age groups this year.

Also, it’s August in Virginia. August in Virginia, especially within 100 or so miles of the coast, is a miserable time. Due to the fact that this was mostly all swampy land back in the day, the humidity is outrageous and the heat is horrible.
Even with the air conditioning on it is too hot to cook on the stove top, let alone turn on the oven.

So naturally I have a craving for homemade bread.

I’ve got some sourdough starter bubbling on the counter. It should be good to use by Friday. I’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn to make the bread & avoid overheating the house.

That’s ok. I still need a sunrise photo for the Scavenger Hunt.

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