Monday Meander

We are supposed to have football practice 4 days this week (2 days with both boys, 2 days with one boy each) but it’s also supposed to rain all week. It’s certainly pouring out right now. Last week we were told Havoc’s team had a game this Saturday. But apart from that we know no more, like where it is or what time.

Other than that there are no plans beyond the usual gym, groceries, library thing that always happens.  Lack of rain Thursday might lead to geocaching.



The boys each have an ancient computer. Havoc has a desktop salvaged from a storage unit for DH’s office that no one had been in for 2 years. The boss told him he was welcome to it.  Mayhem has my old ASUS that overheats regularly.  Both run Windows Vista. Both got so effed up with malware we had to wipe the machines and start over.  Not a problem with the desktop, it had the product key sticker.  But not my ASUS.  Oh no. We ran a key finder program on it and got the key, downloaded a copy of Vista as there was never a disk with it, installed it and the key doesn’t work.  Of course it doesn’t.  So sometime in the next 30 days we need to get a new copy of Vista (or maybe win 7) and load it because at that point the Vista on that computer will stop working.  But still… $90 for some software is much cheaper than $400 for a computer & probably we can come up with $90 in the next 30 days.


Soup and sandwiches.  Salad and sandwiches.  Soup and salad.  Steak salad.  Coq au vin (Friday, if it’s 80 degrees or less out). Grilled chicken (Saturday). Grilled burgers (Sunday)




I can’t see the floors for all the clothes, blankets and toys.  Their rooms are at the end of the hall. I only see them when I am doing laundry or deliberately go back there. 

So you know….whatever.  Eventually I’ll get them clean up before school starts.



It turns out my blogging issues were a very simple fix that basically involved me copying a custom setting in Word Press, changing that setting to default and then going back and putting the custom setting in.  Nothing anywhere on the internet even came close to that solution. Out of 4 godaddy help desk people over the course of 2 weeks only the 4th was able to fix it. And he was all “oh that’s a simple one, just go here, copy that, reset it, put it back and voila!” and he was right. I spent more time on hold waiting to talk to him than I did actually talking to him.  And if it was just that simple why did the other 3 not know it? More importantly why did 2 of them flat out deny they helped with Word Press? The other two didn’t, one even spent 20 minutes trying to solve it.

Poor tech support training godaddy.  But Ethan knows his stuff. He needs to train the other 3.

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  • Yeah for Ethan – hope you told him how wonderful he was. Your descriptions of the kids rooms made me smile. Wookie cleaned Princess’s once using a snow shovel to make a pile…