Monday Meander

It’s week 2 of my 4 weeks of no evening obligations! I don’t even have bunco as we have decided to cancel July & probably August as well due to everybody being someplace else.  The boys have no sports. DH isn’t going to be in Connecticut or Vermont or New York climbing towers for state fairs. We’ll all be here every single evening.

Mayhem wants to restart family game nights.

He wants us all to play Civilization IV on our LAN.


Meal planning!!! Two whole weeks of meals at a time.  I find it unsettling if we don’t all sit down to a meal regularly.


Mayhem is sleeping on the floor, in the doorway.

Because somehow the light doesn’t come in his room.

Even with the overhead light on IN his room.

He finds it scary having the whole room to himself & he really does not like it. But Havoc likes having his own room so there is no going back.


I’m mostly re-reading the SPQR series. I downloaded my favorite as an audio book at the gym & that got me in the mood to reread the whole series.

I also found a humorous mystery series featuring a would be rock star, currently a temp worker, known as Queenie Baby. Her name is in the title of all the books. There are 3 and at least one novella. It has a very Stephanie Plum feel to it. Sort of madcap & with a wacky family & eventually a long suffering boyfriend.  Even DH is liking it.



I got a letter from Havoc’s new school reminding me the state requires certain booster shots before he can start school & if I don’t prove he’s had them by Aug 15th he won’t be allowed in school.

Don’t threaten me Middle School. If I show up on Aug 18th with vax waiver guess what? He’s going to school. If I show up on the 28th with a vax record, he’s going school. I don’t like your tone Middle School. It doesn’t bode well for the future

For all I know he’s had the booster recently enough. We staggered out their vaxes for so long I’m not entirely sure when we finished, though I know I needed a vax waiver when they started primary school because they were ‘behind’ on some of their boosters. I’ve got a call into the doc’s but they are not the promptest place at calling back. 

In other news our berry canes are producing!


We planted them back around 1999 I think & have maybe gotten 4 small harvests from them.  The birds get them all before we do or they don’t ripen much but this time DH noticed them while mowing Sunday & we got right out there & gathered about a bowlful


We never get more than just a bit too much to eat out of hand.  Never enough to can or make into jam or a cobbler.  But there are still plenty of ripening berries on the canes. If we can keep on top of it, check every day & not eat the berries we already have, there might be enough for a cobbler by the end of the week.

But not eating the berries is about impossible.

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2 comments to Monday Meander

  • Ah berries freshly picked they are delicious. I liked being able to wander out and gather enough for breakfast at the old place. Cherries here tho’ – all but disappeared. Next door have theirs netted to reduce the loss.

  • Fruit picked from your own garden always tastes so much nicer doesn’t it?
    I’m rubbish at planning meals in advance so your two week list looks amazing to me. Do you stick to it?