Blog problem

I decide I finally have time to sit & post some things and naturally both my server host and word press decide to lose their ever loving minds.

First my downgrading service with the host from an unneeded 100GB limit to a more reasonable 50GB resulted in my account being moved to a new server, with a new IP addy.

“It shouldn’t make you move” said the customer service rep “But it does seem to happen from time to time”

Then there was a big rigamarole about my domain being hosted by them but not really because it’s with a 3rd party so they can’t really change it and walking me through changing things and then a big discussion about moving my domain to them which sounded easy and cheaper at the time but by the time we sorted through my privacy ‘issues’ and the additional cost those issues might being (more than double the cost) I elected to remain with the 3rd party who give me privacy and only charge me a dollar more a year than my blog hosts ‘standard’, non-private, account fees, instead of $10.95 more.

In the end the blog is back up but something is still screwed because I can’t publish from Live Writer. Something about connections closing when trying to connect to my blogs xmlrpc.php page.

And my blog host is having other hosting issues at the moment so maybe this is part of them. Or not.

So if you don’t hear anything from me for a few days blame them.

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