ZIZO week 24

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

While driving to and fro to All Stars practice (baseball NEVER ends people. NEVER. Oh you think it’s over but there is always another tournament. ALWAYS.) I decided to get the easiest of Rinda’s scavenger hunt items out of the way.

A rural landscape.  Aka, the view out of my window. 

Except the view out of my window is generally just trees & without the cows, it’s not really that rural in appearance.

So I got this one instead; the view at the end of the road.


and up close, hay bales!


Seems a little early for hay bales to me, usually I don’t see them until October or so but maybe these are ‘winter hay’ bales.

Or maybe somebody forgot to mow in October & is just now getting around to it.

Which is totally what we would do.

Despite being surrounded by farms for 15 years I have no clue about farming seasons for things.

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