Month in Numbers – May

It’s actually been a quiet month.

We had 14 baseball games between 2 boys.  2 were won by forfeit. An additional 4 games were rained out.


Havoc’s team won their tournament.

Mayhem’s lost but Mayhem was invited to play on the All Stars team in the regional tournament.

1,493 – times I banged my head against a wall when this happened.

Baseball – it NEVER ends. Just when you think it’s over – NO! there’s All Stars. So that’s all of June & possibly a chunk of July now given over to baseball.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of the boy and very happy for *him*. 

Just not so much for me.

We had 1 chipped tooth to repair, costing us $140 before insurance.  I still don’t know what the after insurance cost is; insurance is not prompt at deciding these things.


I made 1 trip to IKEA!

2 dressers were purchased and so far 0 dressers have been assembled.

2 sets of curtains were purchased and so far 0 curtains have been hung. (they need hemmed but the task of measuring them has been put off).

I read 14 new books, mostly waiting for baseball games to start or practice to end.


We had grandparents visiting for 3 days!

We attended 1 local carnival and rode on 9 rides (it was a small carnival and we skipped 2 rides)


And that was our month in numbers. How was yours?

month in numbers is a meme by Julie Kirk over at Notes on Paper

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6 comments to Month in Numbers – May

  • I can’t say I was sad when my son said he no longer wanted to play in the local football team – all those Sundays hanging around on the touchline of a cold, wet, muddy field. Whole days spent at a tournament where you hope (for their sake) they get through to the finals, and hope (for your sake) they get knocked out earlier and you can come home and have at least the afternoon in your own garden! So I totally understood your feelings in this post.
    That’s a lot of books you read! You beat my total of one hands down.
    When I hear about dental and docs bills overseas I am so grateful we get ours for free. Kids get all their treatments free, adults get medical free and pay a small amount for dental/optical check ups. All I can think is thank goodness for insurance!!!

  • Great photos! You know I loved every minute of my boy’s baseball career. Making All-Stars is a real honor! Here’s hoping Mayhem learns about travel ball . . .

  • “All Stars” sounds pretty cool :) We get rained off a lot here too – TTO is a junior cricket coach and he spends hours organising and reorganising matches. But yes it’s true, the Mums are never as disappointed as the kids

  • Wow, you have had a really busy month. Soccer has just started here and I feel I will be reading a few books too!

  • Ah …. now I see where you get your reading done! That’s a lot of waiting around.

    I hope the new / fixed tooth is behaving itself now and that the insurance gets sorted.

    My new curtains ]made from IKEA fabric] are awaiting hemming too … mainly because I need to know the height of my new desk … when I get it. Not sure what my excuse will be once the desk’s in place!

    Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now Stacey:

    Here’s to a bright and happy June to you all.

    Julie :-)

  • 14 books? They all look pretty thick to me. Aside from before games & such when do you find the time?