Monday Meander

Last week of school! Thursday is 5th grade graduation. Friday we begin summer!

Plus there will be All Stars practice at random (I’ve learned they can only practice 3 days a week by rules so I’m feeling better about it) and they are in a tournament starting Friday also.  But hey! I did get one baseball free weekend this past weekend and can I just say it was GLORIOUS! Smile



Having learned the 3 day rule I can now plan for it! Chicken-broccoli casserole, pocket sandwiches and leftovers will be on those days. Plus shrimp & chicken stir fry, grilled steak & asparagus and soup & Cuban sandwiches are on the menu this week.

And I am going to make homemade chocolate pudding with Nila wafers plus restock the waffles in the freezer as soon as I find the cinnamon waffle recipe again



Havoc wanted a tux for graduation. He finds it reasonable, if I get it a bit big, because next year they have a 6th grade ‘formal’ and he can wear the tux then and Mayhem can wear it to his graduation next year as well & then to the formal the year after that.

Mayhem does not want to wear a tux for any reason.

Havoc got a suit jacket, a shirt and tie, & dress pants. We don’t go to church and attend no ‘nice’ functions so these are the nicest clothes he’s ever owned in his life. And he has no shoes but sneakers and oh well on that point. Not buying dress shoes for one wear.


I just finished book 3 of a mystery/thriller series set in WWII England.  Obviously the thriller parts are limited, I don’t really do thrillers. It is by Susan Elia MacNeal & the books so far are Mr Churchill’s Secretary, Princess Elizabeth’s Spy & His Majesty’s Hope. They are about a young woman who starts as a secretary, becomes involved involved in a plot against Churchill & from there goes on to join MI5 and then another secret spy group, the SOE.  Book 4 is due out in a couple weeks I think. I found them at random in my library.

The thing I love best about summer is that I get to go to the library more often.


I have to get on task with cleaning out the junk room this week. I have a ton of yarn to list on our local ‘trading post’, plus fabric. And I must have 40 decks of tarot cards to sell.

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