Tuesday Meanderings

We had a lovely 3 day weekend for Memorial Day.  Mayhem had an early baseball game Saturday. Havoc’s was cancelled due to the fields being wrecked by flooding a couple weeks ago. We think. No one is really sure. We started setting the pool up & discovered we really suck at taking care of our toys. We being DH & I who did not take the pump & filter in over the winter or drain them sufficiently and we have cracked parts on them. Super glue fixed one & we’ll know tomorrow if the other stuff fixed the other part. We went to a local carnival & the boys went on most of the rides. Havoc is afraid of heights so the ferris wheel was out.  Fine with me. I’m afraid of ferris wheels.  The seats sway and it freaks me out. Sunday we had another family over & had a cookout & the kids played in the half filled freezing cold pool.  Monday all the oil was changed.  DH & Havoc spent the afternoon under cars while Mayhem & I purged his computer of crap he’d downloaded with other stuff. All those toolbars…  Baseball has entered tournament season!  Both boys have games tonight & then depending on the outcome of them & other games tomorrow, they play at some time on Saturday. Possibly twice on Saturday which is going to be a logistical nightmare.      

The Wil Wheaton Project begins tonight!  Everything else we watch has wrapped up their seasons & are in repeats. So we are planning on getting caught up with Warehouse 13, which just ran it’s 6 episode series finale. We realized as the first episode came on that we’d missing something. Turns out we’d missed about 5 of the episodes prior to these & Syfy, for reasons best understood by themselves, had not run a show marathon prior to the new episodes. So we have to stream them & with our internet connection that means we can watch Tues-Thurs when usage by others is down.

Personally I take those periods of buffering as a commercial break so I don’t mind them but they bug DH.


Last year I spent the summer experimenting with deviled eggs because we had so many.  We still have so many eggs… But we also have so much ground beef! So this summer I will be experimenting with burgers.  Sunday we had “Italian burgers” spiced with what I call ‘pizza flavor’ and topped with mozzarella. I have recipes for triple bacon burgers, ranch style burgers, taco burgers, whiskey glazed burgers & sirracha burgers.  I don’t know about that last one… might be too spicy.  I’m thinking we might also do ‘breakfast burgers’ which are topped with bacon & a fried egg. 



We took apart their bunks & now have them side by side. This seems to be keeping them in their own beds.  Most of the time Havoc & Mayhem share a twin bed. They’ve been sharing a bed ever since Mayhem was a year old and we moved him out of our room and into Havocs. The first night Havoc got out of his toddler bed and climbed into Mayhem’s crib. And it’s been that way ever since.  They do occasionally have periods where everyone is in their own bed but not often. This summer we will be moving Havoc into his own room & this is step one.



I’ve been rereading my Stephanie Plum books and a contemporary mystery series that features an Anglican priest who used to be an MI6 agent.  It’s quite enjoyable. The author is G M Malliet, who has an earlier cozy series featuring a sleuth who wrote chick lit mysteries.




3 more weeks of school. 3 more weeks of work(ish).  I signed the boys up for summer camp! But given the costs of overnight camp around here & the lack of day camps, it’s an online camp. Smile It’s Minecraft based and they began their orientation this weekend.  It’s a mix of education & Minecraft activities so I’m hoping with that & their usual summer workbooks & library vists I can keep them learning over the summer.

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4 comments to Tuesday Meanderings

  • Sounds like an eventful weekend and a great summer on the horizon. Guacamole deviled eggs are the best! If Clara wasn’t so busy selling eggs, we’d have too many ourselves. Now we actually have to buy eggs to get any.

  • I’m a big fan of the tv show The Big Bang Theory and they often talk about Wil Wheaton, but I never knew it was a real programme!
    We still have six weeks of school left here, and I am counting down the days, us staff look forward to our break just as much as the kids, but boy is it hard to go back in September.
    Over here I would probably turn that minced beef into huge amounts of ragu to turn into bolognese, chili con carne etc because we rarely have much barbecue burger weather here!

  • Ground beef + eggs = meatloaf or we put an egg in the meat mixture for meatballs and burgers so it holds together better.

    Minecraft online camp? Hmm – could you send me the details please?

  • Online summer camp, eh? I can’t help wishing such a thing existed when I was young. I’m sure it’ll fill many hours