Project Life Update

19 weeks in and I’ve done 17 weeks of layouts.

Honestly I never thought I’d make it this far & I have mixed emotions about it.  PL is really sucking up all my scrapping energy. To the point of where I rarely scrap anything else & that is kind of a bummer.  But I’m going to stick with it as far as possible & see what happens.

week 12aweek 12bweek 13aweek 13bweek 14aweek 14bweek 15aweek 15bweek 16aweek 16bweek 17aweek 17b

I haven’t even taken week 18s photos off the camera yet, so I am a bit behind in my routine. Normally I’d have them edited and planned the pages, if not assembled them by now.  The past few weeks have been very same-y and it’s hard to work up enthusiasm for them when what I really want to do is make a page that says “Week 18. See weeks 16 & 17 for details”

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