My Month in Numbers–April

March took forever to end but April seemed to fly by.

Must be the lack of snow.

There were 0 snow days in April.

We had 2 boys on 2 different baseball teams and they had 10 games between them, plus 4 that were rained out.


Havoc’s team is 2-3 and Mayhem’s is 4-1. This has led to a certain amount of friction because the boys are not used to being on different teams & they are now in mental competition with one another. They are in different age brackets this year which means twice as much driving around for me. I’m sure I’ve put 100s of miles on the car.

I read 27 titles this month, but before you get all “Damn girl!” you should know that 7 of them were novellas (less than 160 pages), 5 were really quick & easy mysteries, 2 were Doonesbury comic collections, 2 were cookbooks and the rest were regular novels.


1 trip to a waterpark where I rode 7 times on the flow rider.  I’d have ridden much more but they were giving people much more time on the ride than they do at the waterpark I am used to.

It cost us $165 including food.

Over Spring Break we looked for 10 caches & found 8. Last weekend Mayhem had a game at the sports complex where we couldn’t find the missing 2. We found 1 after the game. Giving us a total of 81 finds in 10 months.

geocaching (2)

I cooked only 11 meals, but they did make 3 more nights of leftovers. The rest were a mix of take out, cold sandwiches and frozen meals.

So cooking fail.

I’m sure there were other numbers but it’s been raining for 2 solid days and the leak under the sliding glass door in our bedroom has completely saturated 7 towels in that time and Havoc has missed 2 days of school & Mayhem 1 from illness so my brain isn’t on top of things right now.

How was you April?

month in numbers is a meme by Julie Kirk over at Notes on Paper

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5 comments to My Month in Numbers–April

  • I’m still going to say ‘Damn girl!’. After around 18 months of good solid reading … I didn’t read a single book last month! But I did go to the library last weekend .. so hopefully I’m back on track!

    I imagine more caches will be cropping up again across the Month in Numbers bloggers now that the weather’s improving.

    Funny how you had both fun and not so fun water-related events in April! I hope that leak’s sorted now.

    Your post is safely pinned to the board with everyone else now:

    May May bring you many good things Stacey!

    Julie :-)

  • April disappeared here too – hope it stops raining and you can get the leak fixed.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of driving around AND a lot of books read! :) i enjoyed reading your numbers this month :)

  • Great numbers. Mine are mostly about travel. I did an art journal page and will post some time this week.
    It still makes me grin to think of you as a Little League mom, given how much you hated the idea (if I recall correctly!).

  • Even though some of the books were shorter, wow, that is a lot of books to read in a month, especially when you’re doing all that kid taxiing.