Monday Meander

My parents were in town for a few days & got to see both boys play a game and then Pa helped them with their pitching one afternoon. We had a good visit & will be seeing them in my hometown in early July for a few days.  I’ve already plotted my days so I get to diCarlos’ Pizza twice while we are there.  We have baseball only scheduled this week for Tuesday & Saturday but this is a ‘make up’ week and both boys have about 4 games that were rained out so I’m assuming there will be a couple more games scheduled before the week is out.



I could plan out 5 meals this week but I just don’t see them all happening. So I’ve only planned 3 – frittata, steak & veg, lasagna.  Plus I always have stuff for mac & cheese and burgers.




One boy has had stomach issues lately and has decided on his own to cut dairy out of his diet for a few weeks to see if it helps. Considering how much milk the kid drinks the test should be interesting. They have a new fine system in place for keeping their rooms clean.

2014-05-09 14.10.14

I got a bunch of recommendations from Library Thing this weekend for cozy mysteries and my library had a bunch of them so I put 5 on hold for pick up today.  I may love them or I may not bother finishing them.  I like the suspense of not knowing.




4 more weeks of school and then it’s summer!  I’ve got the boys signed up for summer camp. An online Minecraft summer camp done by Minecraft Homeschool I found out about last week.  I think they will enjoy it.

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3 comments to Monday Meander

  • Love that sign! We’re rounding the home stretch on school, too. Need to put some final touches on summer plans here.

  • I like the final point on that sign – made me laugh. Hope the new system works well and you get to cook all three meals. I like trying out new books for a similar reason, sometimes I regret the time but most are at least worth that.

  • Great sign!

    I had no clue what to make here for dinner until I read this. I think I’ll do macaroni cheese. Thank you