Monday Meander

My folks are coming in town this week! Due to a rescheduled game they will be able to see 3 baseball games instead of just 2. But the new game will probably conflict with the as yet unannounced practice of the other boy. In a different county. So that’s fun.  It’s also going to be 90 degrees all week. Remember how I said spring was measured in days around here? Well it’s over now. I think we had 3 weeks of it, 2.5 as we had some 90 degree days last week too. Time to set the pool up I guess



We’re watching the IT Crowd again on Netflix. We watched all of season 1 a couple years ago and are watching the rest now. Or maybe we watched more. I think we ended up watching episodes at random last time actually.




Right now, due to schedule conflicts it looks like Monday and this coming Sunday are the only days there is no baseball.  So I need to stock up on sandwich fillings and salads.




Mayhem got to pitch Saturday!  He pitched a no hitter, walking one guy, hitting one guy in the ankle and striking out the other 3 guys. But he only got to pitch one inning. The coach said he could pitch in the next game too. He is excited. Havoc is back in running club and doing well with it. I think he will be on the middle school running team if he wants. At least that is what the club coach says.




I am rage reading a book from a series I hate. The main character is such a prude and so are most of the people around her. I can’t stand her. I read the books in hope bad things happen to her.  And finally they did! And her mom called her a prude!  But they spent half the book freaking about the alcohol in the cookies she is making! “Oh I can’t have a rum ball! I have to work later!”  “You’ll have to make a non alcoholic version for the kids!”  Please. You put a quarter cup of rum in a mix that makes 48 cookies and you baked them. Eat the damn cookies and shut up. Hell eat 4 and drive home. You’ll be fine you ignorant bunch of fools. I frequently have to put the book down out of sheer exasperation. But I like the recipes, so I read.



We’re all playing 2048. I have an app on my phone & before the game Saturday I showed it to DH. He downloaded it. We both played it during the game. Then during the long wait for teppan yaki we showed it to the boys and they played it on our phones while waiting. Then we all got home & the boys found it on the web and spent the rest of the evening playing it while DH & I played it on our phones.

Family game night. 21st century style. Smile

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