Monday Meander

May arrived rather suddenly.  But that means weekend grilling season has begun!  We tend to get together on Sundays with friends & cook out in the summer.  Yesterday we had brisket, corn & salad at their place. This Sunday they will be coming over for burgers, potato salad & zucchini.  We still have about 34lbs of the 42lbs of ground beef we got when we did a cow share with 2 other families (the brisket they made was also from that cow). It’s not low fat beef. So things like tacos end up greasy no matter how often you drain grease before adding the spices. And a meatloaf ends up just swimming it in, even with my fat draining meatloaf pan. But it is excellent for grilled burgers. So we will be eating burgers often this summer as we want to do another cow share but I can’t commit to that until I have less than 16lbs of ground beef left.


My living room is currently covered with football cards as the boys reorganize their collection.  I’ve been working on getting caught up with Project Life. I finished weeks 15- 17 over the weekend but I haven’t even taken week 18s photos off the camera yet.  I have to say PL is sort of sucking up my scrapping mojo.  I think I have done maybe a dozen layouts since January.  I dropped a creative team last week because I am just not feeling it now & haven’t really been pulling my weight for a couple months.  I still have one I am on, but it is fonts & I can use them easily on my PL pages.




Meal plan is made. There will be lasagna, frittata, deep dish pizza, Taiwanese chicken & shrimp, steak & cauliflower, burgers on the grill, soup & Cuban sandwiches, mini chicken pot pies, cheeseburger pie and chicken positano with ravioli over the next two weeks.  There will also be meals out of course and leftovers from the lasagna, frittata, & cheeseburger pie.

I’m also going to make an 8 egg pound cake. We are rapidly reaching egg overload as we always do in the spring & meals will soon revolve around using as many eggs as possible.


They both won their games Saturday. Mayhem’s was first & they won 9-7. The coach’s wife told me he was the best outfielder in the league. Smile Havoc’s was second and started an hour late again. They seem to have umpire issues. To the point of where *I* am considering being one of them but the rules about who can steal when in his league confuse me too much. They are different from the rules in Mayhem’s and base stealing is how 90% of all runs are scored with the boys’ teams.  Havoc’s game was a blow out 15-1!



I read Anne of Cleaves, Henry VIII’s 4th Failure and that led me to reread the King’s Fool. Both are fiction.  I’m also reading a romance/erotica series about a rock band.  I think it’s called Sinners on Tour & it was just on sale at Amazon.  Very good books for the most part but one of the guys is an ass & I think he’s still an ass even after he redeems himself.  I like redeemed bad boys but he was just an ass IMO. So one book out of 5 was just ok.




I need to clean out the pool and get it set back up & refilled.  It’s not time to swim yet, it’s still too cold but this area goes from really nice 70 degree days to really hot 90 degree ones in the blink of an eye. Spring here is measured in days, not weeks.  I’m also working on our summer plans, hiking, geocaching, swimming.  Havoc may go to overnight camp for a week, some of his friends appear to be going but I haven’t had confirmation of that yet so he isn’t signed up yet.  Mayhem is uninterested right now but probably the day before his brother leaves he’ll be all “I want to go too!!!” and it will be too late of course.

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3 comments to Monday Meander

  • I find it fascinating to hear how different your seasons are to ours, I can’t believe how quickly yours change. We are having a good Spring so far and we had no snow at all this winter. I can’t imagine how to reliably arrange to eat outside weeks in advance, we always have to have a ‘plan b’!

  • That’s a lot of beef!

    I love a good Tudor story too. I always wonder if poor Anne was really as unlikeable as Henry thought she was

  • Sounds like you’re on the cusp of summer! I would love to be grilling, and I’ve dreamed about a cow share.