Zoom In Zoom Out–week 17

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

I’m in the library this week.

zizo 17

zizo 17-2

A lot of you asked about the coverage maps I was working on.  They are maps that show towers and radio equipment. Like with cell towers. You tell it the coordinates of you tower and what kind of equipment you have on it and it produces a (mostly accurate*) map of how far out the signal from that radio covers. Once you have all your towers & equipment entered you can generate a map of your entire network and see where the holes are or the overlaps or where you could use different equipment to change the coverage. Then if you need new tower sites you can find out who owns the land that works for you and you can either rent space on an existing nearby tower or ask the land owner to let you put a tower up.

Right now cell companies are busy going over southern West Virginia and parts of Kentucky, Virginia & Tennessee looking for tower sites and offer the land owners 20 year leases for decent cash in exchange for letting them build a cell tower on their land. Cell coverage currently sucks in those areas.

*it’s only mostly accurate because some equipment, like that used by my ISP, is line of sight & things like tree foliage interfere with the signal getting everywhere it should. It’s why I have a 50ft pole in my yard with my ISP’s antenna on it.  Otherwise I would only have internet from late October to early April

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