Monday Meander

Spring Break is over! The demons & I had a fun week sleeping in (Well, *I* slept in. The boys don’t believe in it). It’ll be a post of it’s own. We now have 7 WHOLE WEEKS of school facing us. The longest solid stretch without a day off of the whole year. We were supposed to have Good Friday off but lost it in the last round of snow. So between now and May 26th we have no days off.

Barring weather of course.



The living room needs cleaning. Sweeping, mopping, decluttering, dusting.

We’ve been watching the new Who’s Line Is It Anyway? series and Rake, plus random World’s Dumbest and Castle episodes.

We’ve also been watching The Guild on Netflix as well. Very funny & kinda scary accurate really.  I don’t get into online role playing games any more because I could so be Cora, ignoring her kids for the game.



Meal planning in full force this week, now that we have the baseball schedules.  We’ll be having lasagna, soup & sandwiches, tacos in a bag, cheeseburger biscuits, coq au vin (or chicken & dumplings), zucchini frittata, deep dish pizza and chicken fried steak. I made a huge pot of 3 meat ragu yesterday so ragu with polenta is also on the menu.




Tuesday is their first games. (Tuesday are their first games? Their first games are on Tuesday? They play their first games on Tuesday? grammar…) Fortunately they are playing on fields next to one another and at the same time.  This gets to happen maybe 4 times in the next 9 weeks. Two games a week, the majority involving them being in different counties starting two hours apart, which coincidentally is the general length of a game. Given no one on the team lives anywhere near us, the logistics this year are going to be interesting.




Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett.  A very good book. Definitely a ‘wrapping things up’ kind of feel. Everyone was in the book. We got to see where all of them are now, how their lives are going, etc, even when it made sort of no real sense for them to be (ie Rincewind), which is what gave me that ‘this is the end’ kind of feeling.

Plus, steam engines in Discworld.  That’s sort of an end game in fantasy, unless you are moving into steampunk. Which Discworld could totally do but I don’t see it happening. 

I really enjoyed it though. I love Moist & this is mostly focused on him – plus Harry King. Though really it is focused on the relentless nature of progress.


We came home to ruined carpet in the bedroom back at the end of December. We had to turn off the water to the outside faucet and then rip up half the carpet because it was moldy & smelled.  As I predicted at the time, it is now April and our bedroom is still half carpet and half bare concrete slab.  But! This state of affairs has led us to believe we misidentified the source of the water as I recently found the towels DH is using as throw rugs to be wet. They are over by the sliding glass door and it now appears water is coming in under it in one corner when it rains or snows. At least we hope it’s that and not some really challenging leak having to do with the roof and water drainage from it. DH is going to caulk it all again but I have a sinking feeling this is going to require more. Possibly replacing the door, which I have been wanting to do for a few years now, but needing to replace the door means waiting months more to replace the floor. Sure we are going into spring & then summer when cold exposed concrete might be an advantage but I don’t work over the summer so there is no money to save toward flooring. Hopefully the caulk will be sufficient.

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  • Ugh on the leak – I hope it is simple and cheap to fix. Seven weeks of school without a break? Hope it works and they don’t end up having to extend the school year.