Zoom In Zoom Out

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

Oh look! I’m in a grocery store again!  This time it is the check out line.

We’ve got endless rain and the boys seem to be taking turns staying home sick with various ailments. 

I am so far behind on stuff.


Zoom In Zoom Out–week 17

zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

I’m in the library this week.

A lot of you asked about the coverage maps I was working on.  They are maps that show towers and radio equipment. Like with cell towers. You tell it the coordinates of you tower and what […]

Monday Meander

My hours are being cut back at work. Not really a surprise, it’s been slow. I’m a ‘special projects’ person & right now we are very low on projects. So for now I’m down to 4 days a week. This may get cut to 3 and my summer work from home is up in […]

Spring Break

A belated update.

Our Spring Break was the week before last, which was for the most part a week of decently nice weather.

We did some geocaching.

Over the course of the week we looked for 10 caches and found 8. One of the two we didn’t find was a puzzle one and I […]

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