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zoom in zoom out is a photo meme run by Helen

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Not ANOTHER grocery store photo?!?

Yes, another grocery store photo. 

I don’t really get out much & when I do I don’t go many places.

This is the one to the south of me, that is near the baseball fields.  Expect to see more of it.

This one has all of their produce, except for this small section, behind glass doors for some reason. It’s the only one in the surrounding area that has it’s produce and it’s dairy section shut up in glassed in areas like the frozen foods section. 

I assume it is to keep the cold things cold for less money.

But I feel like suddenly I can’t be trusted with an open bin of apples. Like they have to shut them up for everyone’s safety or something.

Are they expecting people to suddenly start a food fight with onions, apples and packages of shredded cheese?

But those same people will reject butter leaf lettuce and carrots as weapons?

“Oh don’t pick up the cauliflower. Cruciferous vegetables make lousy projectile weapons.”

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