The Hat


I crocheted this hat a couple months ago.

I don’t like it.

The pattern is ok. Not wildly interesting but it’s a hat. It doesn’t need to be wildly interesting. It just needs to fit on my head and keep it warm.

But this hat does not do that.

It’s too big. Too loose, too long, despite the swatch size being right.

If anything I thought it would be too tight.

I crochet tightly.

And I’m not sure I like the color pattern, mostly green with those two small pink stripes.

There are a few options when dealing with a hand made hat that doesn’t fit & you don’t like the color.

  1. You could suck it up and deal. It’s still a warm hat, which is one more warm hat than you had before
  2. You could give it to someone with a bigger head. Though that person in my house does not want a hat with pink in it.
  3. You could unravel it and start over.

2014-02-04 17.38.46

I unraveled it and started over. I decided to make it wide stripes of pink & green and to remove the final ‘growing’ row and the last two overall rows to get a better fit.

And then I got bored with it.

And pink & green do not go with my dark blue winter coat.

But I still needed a hat. So I found some brown/dark blue variegated yarn and have started over.


And now I am plotting how to change the stitching pattern to make it more interesting.

Though possibly the current stitch pattern, combined with the variegated yarn will look interesting enough all on it’s own.

But I can’t tell until I have done a lot more work.

And then what if I don’t like it? I’ll have to unravel it and start over again.

The never ending hat project.

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