Project Life so far

I’m 12 weeks into it.

Well… I have 11 weeks completed fully. I have week 12 planned but haven’t started yet.

week 08aweek 08b

week 09aweek 09bweek 10aweek 10bweek 11aweek 11b

Week 12’s plan. The blank spots get paper.

week 12aplweek 12bpl

Even if I fail to get the whole year done, if nothing else I have documented one of the longest and snowiest regional winters in memory.  We had a lot of snow in 2010 but it was bunched together. We had a time of 3 deep snows hitting us in a 2 week period that year and then there were two more storms in a 4 day period about a month later. But winter ended in early March. Sure we missed 9 days of school, but they were pretty much in two sets of 4 plus one random other one. This winter has been different, with snowstorms or bitter cold every single week. 

As of today, we have missed about 13 days of school. Maybe 14. I lost track in February and the other county, where most of my friends live, has a different total so I get confused when we start talking about it. This will be only the 3rd full week of school the kids have had since Jan 1. 

And next week is Spring Break.  It’s supposed to be in the 60s, with occasional rain. 

Then you know… it might snow again the following week.

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