Monday or maybe Tuesday Meander

Spring might actually be here!  It’s supposed to be in the 60s this week. Except for the day DH has to climb a tower. It’s going to be 40, windy & a chance of showers that day. Naturally.

The boys had their baseball organizational thing Saturday and by Saturday night were assigned teams (a personal best for our coaches). This is the ‘challenging’ year for sports. Last year and the previous one they were both in the same age grouping and I could ask for them to be on the same team. But this is the year they are in different age groups, so same team is impossible. So driving down to the baseball fields 4 out of 5 days a week, with just one child at a time is highly likely. Can you tell I am excited by it?. But I get 2 more years of overlap after this one and then the whole thing moves to the schools and they deal with transportation.


Havoc needs new cleats. He got new cleats last spring but somehow they ended up being Mayhem’s. New shoes go to the OLDER child. Every family knows that. But somehow Mayhem got the new cleats, so now we have to buy Havoc cleats again as he has finally outgrown the pair we got him 2 years ago. Mayhem says his cleats are just fine. As they darn well ought to be.

Havoc also needs a new bat. His is a little short for him and missing all the grip tape.  Mayhem says his bat is just fine. 

They probably both need new gloves. This due to those gloves somehow (?!) ending up out in the most recent snowfall and getting soaked.  Possibly the leather will dry ok but who knows.


I’ve only planned this week’s worth of food. No point making plans until I know the two practice schedules.  This week so far Mayhem has practice on Wednesday (though probably then they will announce a Saturday practice) and Havoc has practice on Saturday.  I’m hoping by Saturday to have some idea of when regular practice days will be so I can plan meals accordingly. Practice day meals have to be easy, quick (or slow) and it’s useful if it’s something edible while unsupervised. This is also the year I get to leave one kid home while taking the other to practice as DH will be home about 30 minutes after I leave. So I need meals I can just trust the child at home to eat or finish eating as the case may be.

This means I cannot just leave one unattended with everything but his broccoli eaten because the second I leave the driveway that broccoli will tossed out a window.


I just finished re-reading the “holy crap does this book never end” epic “First Man in Rome” by Colleen McCulloch. It took me approximately 18 hours to read the 1154 pages, which is a damn long time for me. It’s the first of a 5 book series and I originally read it when it was first published, though I am fair sure I never finished it because of the “holy crap does this book never end” aspect. And all those names. Good god the names!!! I can’t quite bring myself to start the next book “The Grass Crown” because I like to limit myself to one epic piece of fiction a month. But, still having a taste for the Roman Republic, I am rereading my favorite SPQR mystery novels. I’ve finished “The Tribune’s Curse”, “The River God’s Vengeance” and “Point of Law”, which are my 3 faves. Decius in his political and crime solving prime.  I just started “Under Vesuvius”.



We’ve gone from 0 to 60 – eggs.  The hens stopped laying in med December when they got mites. By the time they were over that it was January and they take January off, plus as much of February as they can get away with. I started threatening them in late January. Waving packets of chicken parts at them warningly and suggesting if eggs weren’t forthcoming soon then parts would be.  Then when I came home in mid-Feb with my second carton of store bought eggs I showed it to them and said if I had to buy another carton, I’d be getting rid of chickens.  About 10 days later there were two eggs.  Slowly they have been getting back up to speed and here we are about 2 weeks into egg production and there are 60 eggs in the fridge. 

Feast or famine. 

I expect I should return to my previous egg heavy meal plans soon.

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2 comments to Monday or maybe Tuesday Meander

  • You know what they say about broccoli here..”peas, not trees”. They’ll eat garden peas, but not the little trees as they’ve been calling them since toddler years. yep, broccoli eating needs supervision

  • The comment about broccoli made me smile – that’s not a problem here, zucchini on the other hand. Glad waving the chicken part packages worked.