Monday Meander

Fingers crossed this week goes according to plan. Last week did not. All I really want is a whole week of school for the boys so I can get in a whole week of work at the office before taking next week off for Spring Break.

If they do manage a whole week of school it will be only the 3rd time since Jan 1. 

But the are predicting snow tomorrow.



Cosmos!  Neil Degrasse Tyson!






I cooked one meal last week. One! And it was last night. Snow days, will there or won’t there be practice?, illness, DH out of town for a night, practice again. It all cut into cooking. Which just means the meals I had planned for last week are moved to this week, saving me time in the planning.





They both have practice on the same nights this week! So far anyway. Weather may change things. 

Mayhem is doing his “How To” presentation this week. 4th grade requires this every year. Last year Havoc did a beginners “How to Play Minecraft” presentation. This year Mayhem is doing “How to Throw a Football”. He has a couple poster boards of photos and instructions and he’s mostly got his speech down. But Mayhem mumbles and still has speech issues so I have been working with him to get him to speak clearly. He really likes his topic so he tends to speak fast and even I don’t always understand him when he does that. I’m half tempted to let him do his usual in the hopes that maybe, if all the teachers hear him, someone will finally agree with me that he needs speech intervention. It sort of sucks being told by the assessment that you are on “the low end of normal”. Oh sure you have an issue, but not *enough* of an issue to get help.


Rereading Deborah Coonts’ Lucky O’Toole series. The last one came out a year ago. I keep hoping there will be a new one soon. I want to see how her on going love life mess works out and how she deals with revamping Cielo into a high end boutique hotel in Vegas.





We’re getting a traffic circle in town!  No big deal to you Brits I’m sure but to us? We begin with WTF is a traffic circle? and go from there. It is safe to assume the vast majority of people in this town have never seen a real traffic circle in real life or driven around one.  Oh sure there is the one down by the ‘far away Target’ (as Mayhem calls it), but it’s not on the main road. It’s on the access road leading to the shopping plaza and only has people coming in from 2 sides. It might as well be a normal intersection and anyway most people in this town don’t go to the ‘far away Target’ as it is too far away for them and there is a perfectly good Target here in town. (We don’t live in town, We live 25 minutes closer to that Target than the people here. We’re just as likely to go to it as here.)  The traffic circle will replace a very awkward 3 way intersection. There is a shopping plaza on one road (leading to the north end of town), a collection of fast food restaurants on another road (leading to several schools and points west) and the other road leads south into the main downtown area. Construction is moving along. I think I might take a few days off when it is finished and just sit in the McD’s parking lot and film people trying to figure out how the circle works. Should be entertaining. And might help me when I need to use it.

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5 comments to Monday Meander

  • Best of luck to him and that presentation.

    Roundabouts can be good. Honestly!

  • Hope the presentation goes well, and have fun going round that roundabout!

  • I didn’t realise that roundabouts were rare in the USA (or is it just your neck of the woods?). Here in the UK the cars ON the roundabout have priority over the vehicles waiting to enter it … unless there are traffic lights regulating it, but everyone still knows what to do if the traffic lights fail! However in some parts of Europe (Belgium for sure, maybe France too), traffic coming from your right often has priority over you … which means that a roundabout can theoretically get full with cars on it, stopping to let more cars join it!!! Must have been a man that invented that system :-D

  • We’ve not watched the new Cosmos yet – not available on terrestrial tv here :( Looking forward to doing it – figure we’ll buy it, we already own and watch the original.

    Your traffic circle story reminded me that when Wookie was learning to drive he headed to a large roundabout to discover that since he had been there… they’d converted it to a large roundabout with FIVE roundabouts around it, each to be treated as an individual. Was a wee bit hairy he said :)

  • Kim

    We’ve got a couple roundabouts here in central Ohio now. I like them, much smoother traffic flow than the traffic light (and 4 way stop) they replaced. However, some people are still clueless about them. We saw a lady in a shiny Lexus (with temporary tags) make a left turn in the roundabout. How she managed to get her car angled to go left, when all the curbs send you right, we couldn’t guess. Luckily no one hit anyone during the sudden stops she caused.