Monday Meander

There are currently 7.5” of snow on the ground and more falling.

There is no school but the roads are clear. Well, *our* road is clear and that means probably 75% of the roads are clear.  But there are always those “back roads’’ that never get clear & cause school to cancel. So who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Originally we were supposed to have this Friday as a scheduled day off, but given this is something like the 12th or 13th snow day we have had this school year I sort of thought it got dropped to make up missed days. But I never saw a letter about it. Then of course we had today off, so who knows what Friday will bring.


I still haven’t done a decent menu plan. Both boys had practice Saturday and only one coach said they will have practice Tuesday. No clue when the other will have it.  We unintentionally ended up out to dinner with other people twice last week, so I suspect we won’t go anywhere this one, so I need 7 meals.  So far I have chicken fried steak, rotisserie chicken & shrimp scampi planned. Not sure what with apart from carrots & salad.




They have each had one baseball practice. No news yet on what positions they will be playing.  Havoc got a ‘new to him’ desktop computer last week and spent a few days copying stuff over from his old laptop (with the broken & hard to replace graphics card that won’t work with Flash).  There is some glitch with a driver that is needed to play Minecraft. It wants to take 165,382 days to download.




From the library I just finished two murder mysteries called Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders and Oscar Wilde and the Murders in the Reading Gaol.


I’m not going to rush out and find the rest of the series, but they were ok reads



I’m in the middle of doing my Week 11 Project Life spread. I now think I might make it until June when it will all fall apart over summer vacation due to a lack of routine. I have a nice routine right now. I don’t see it lasting through the summer though

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2 comments to Monday Meander

  • Helena

    can’t get my head around snow on the ground and baseball practice in one week. Love that idea of over 100 000 days to download!!

  • I hope the download finishes *slightly* faster – maybe by Easter? Snow on the ground plus baseball seems weird to me too. Glad that you’ve got a handle on Project Life but I hear you on the concern life will get in the way.