Monday Meander

Oh dear god! It is snowing AGAIN! Will this winter never end. The boys have only had 2 whole weeks of school since the start of January. I’m running out of work I can do from home. And it’s making DH’s job hell.

But on the plus side I figured out how to create templates in Live Writer so I can do things like the Monday Meander much easier. So hopefully I’ll post more often.

I need to do another 2 week meal plan. I needed to do it 2 weeks ago and meals have been very haphazard around here. I default to ‘spaghetti’ when I don’t feel like cooking. I’m not a big spaghetti fan. I’ll eat it but the only time I ever think ‘yeah, spaghetti for dinner’ is when I don’t feel like cooking. We’ve had it 3 times in 14 days, plus extra take out. So it’s probably time to sit down with the index cards.

DH’s caught up on the Walking Dead and hates waiting a week for the next episode. He might just wait for the whole season to be over and watch it in one go. I told him his attention span is really being impacted by Amazon Prime & Netflix.

The only new season shows I’m watching are Castle & Big Bang Theory. And I’ve watched them from the beginning. I save my binge watching for shows that have ended production and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Spring Training for baseball is Saturday. They are calling for us to have 6-10” on the ground by Tuesday morning with temps in low 20s all week and baseball starts Saturday.
I’m currently reading “Queens Consort” from the library. It’s about all the Plantagenet queens. It takes the tangible things we know about how they were allocated and managed their money, dealt with others in law and wielded their influence and use that to build up personalities.  It’s interesting, but dry in spots.
I took a class called 31 Things with Ali Edwards recently and I am working on finally getting my pages done. I broke it down like I did with Project Life, with steps so I wouldn’t get hung up on finishing one before moving on. I have about 7 pages completely done. I have the photos on 10 others but no words. I have photo ideas for all the remaining pages, many of which are already taken/created/edited and I have words for all but 3 of the pages still in need of words.
You know what a good way to dispose of a body in broad daylight is?  You need a partner or two, a white van, traffic cones, safety vests & hats, a clipboard and a white truck pulling a small backhoe. (I did not say it was an easy or a cheap way, just a good one). Head down a secondary road with your body and find a small clearing with some trees not too far from the road. Park on the shoulder, don safety vests & set out orange cones on either end of vehicles. Take backhoe into the woods and proceed to dig hole.  Pay no attention to any traffic on the road, except to occasionally look at the clipboard. Wait until there is no traffic, drop body in hole & use backhoe to replace dirt. Continue to pay no attention to traffic. Load up vehicles and leave. You have just successfully buried a body by impersonating utility workers.

There have been 3 guys with white vans, yellow vests and backhoe in a spot of woods near my office twice this week but there are no identifying marks on the vans. They could be anybody, doing anything. We all just assume they are from some utility company or maybe the state road people.

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4 comments to Monday Meander

  • I’ll swap our rain for your snow … that’s how fed up I am of rain!

  • Template looks good – better here than in Feedly anyway. Love your final thoughts. I watched a (junkier than I’d hoped Belgian) crime series recently which promisingly started by robbing a bank early on a Sunday morning using a similar ruse with one of those tents over a manhole cover that led to a tunnel that opened into the vault! The one flaw with that is which utility company can afford Sunday overtime?!

  • I’ve got the cones -just need a backhoe…

    I like the template too :-)

  • Wow, that’s a lot of snow. It must be very hard having school interrupted like that – that’s a whole lot of catching up