This is How It Works

8am – DH drops his truck off at auto place for annual inspection

10:30am – DH & I become aware that due to the refi closing date we don’t have to pay the mortgage this month, giving us a tidy sum of ‘bonus’ cash

12:30pm – We discuss what to do with the money but come to no actual decision

3pm – Auto place calls. In order for the truck to pass inspection it will need repairs costing Very Nearly All the ‘bonus’ cash.

Every. Damn. Time.

Because the universe doesn’t think we should have bonus cash. Expenses always suddenly expand to eat up any ‘spare’ money unless we act promptly.

I firmly believe that had we decided at 12:30 to use the money to pay down the balance on the car loan (option #2 – how responsible of us) and then transferred the payment, his car would have passed inspection just fine. It also would have had we run over to Target and picked up a 52” flat screen tv (option #5), but maybe it would have needed $100 of something done just to use up the cash.

There is a reason we ran out and bought appliances the moment out tax refund hit our account last year.  If we hadn’t, the septic tank would have exploded, requiring a backhoe and a county variance to replace. Or I would have trashed yet another transmission in yet another vehicle.

Usually the universe gives us 48-72 hours before it strikes, but not this time. We didn’t even get 5 hours. Or to defend our favorite options over a supper long discussion.

DH’s favorite is option #1 – use the money, plus our tax refund, toward buying a carport, this plan requires doing our taxes

Mine is option #3 – fritter it all away on random suppers out and pricy bottles of wine over a couple months (though we have to hide the money from the universe by buying a bunch of restaurant gift cards & buying the wine immediately)

Option #4 is to make an extra payment to the mortgage company (us being all responsible again)

Option #6 is a new laptop or computer for the boys (also a responsible choice)

Any of those 6 would have been a fine use of bonus money. And with options 1, 5 & 6 there could still be money left to fritter away.

But the universe went with None of the Above.


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