Zoom In Zoom Out

More snow here!

“Fortunately” the kids already had today scheduled off so at least they don’t have another snow day to make up.

We didn’t get half the snow they predicted but we did get the cold. It’s currently somewhere between 10 and 19 degrees outside (feels like 1 to 5 degrees) depending how and where you check the weather. Most sites/apps give a 12-14 degree range so I’m thinking the basic Android weather app with it’s 19 degrees might be a bit off.

I went outside and I can confidently say it feels like “DAMN ITS COLD!” degrees. When the wind blows it feels like an additional “HOLY CRAP! Why am I out here?” degrees.

Why was I out there? To take these zoom in zoom out photos for Helena’s meme.



Our cat Ashes loves the snow.

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6 comments to Zoom In Zoom Out

  • ooh, yes, that’s cold! It does look lovely, though

  • Definitely looks cold (and the temps agree), our cats aren’t impressed with the snow but perhaps they don’t get it often enough to get used to it.

  • the kitty cat shadow is wonderful. I wasn’t brave enough to venture out in our 0 degree, -14 wind chill weather today. Nope. Indoor photography rules for me.

  • Helena C

    glad you ventured out in the cold to take these shots – beautiful and love the cat shadow. One of my sister’s cats used to go all kitten in the snow, patting the snow and running about

  • Looks like Kitty is staying close rather than venture into the icy wastes (though in your case they are beautiful rather than wasted). We are having a very mild winter – just rain, wind and damp – no doubt some February frosts will kill all the creatures & plants that think it’s already April!

  • Two very different perspectives on the snow; I love your description of how cold it is. I may have to pass that on to Henry (who finds 35 degrees plenty cold)!