The Living Room

Sunday was rearrange the living room day!

Which I totally did not see coming when I got out of bed that morning.

But the males decided it should happen and then once a couple of easy to move desks were moved, two of them promptly bailed on the project.

I totally saw that coming.

The larger one could not escape that easily because part of this project involved his power tools.


After I purged the toy room of stuff so some shelving (that I also had to purge) could be moved into it.

We have some friends who are having a baby in a few months and boy will they be surprised by the boxes of toys coming their way!

Though granted they won’t need them for a couple of years but like they say “it goes by before you know it.”

Then there were the games that are missing pieces that we have hung onto on the off chance those pieces were around somewhere. Maybe they are. Who knows. I no longer care. I’m done hoarding things on the off chance. We have plenty of other games that have all their pieces.

All the incomplete games got trashed

Then the desk drawers had to be purged.

Granted I did get help with two of those.

I’m also done hoarding cords to unknown things. I have a ton of power cords that go to who knows what. Or rather I HAD a ton of power cords. I made the bold decision to live dangerously and tossed every last one of them. A quick search of the place revealed nothing that either wasn’t already plugged in or didn’t have a cord so I have no idea where these came from.

Perhaps the sock fairy swaps them out and somewhere someone is missing a printer power cord but has 3 grey/green patterned tube socks she can’t identify.

I also found this:

2014-01-12 13.03.26

1.44M floppy from 1995. I don’t know where it came from or how it got into a desk I’ve only had since 2007. It’s my disk. It clearly says so on the top. Specifically it is “Stacey’s Personal Disk #2” but I haven’t had a computer capable of reading it in 10 years or so.

It took several hours to go through everything and then move everything and then rearrange what moved a couple times.

As DH said “Maybe we’ll hate this arrangement, but we will at least have cleaned everything out.”

After the purging he had to get the power tools out to disassemble and reassemble part of my desk.

kitchen living after

Snickers felt we’d moved the drawers for her amusement and wouldn’t stay off of them while DH was unscrewing the top, repositioning it and the screwing it back down.

So the living room went from this:

house before-11house before-12house before-13

To this:

kitchen living after-6DSC_4160kitchen living after-4

It’s a living/dining/office room! With desk drawer buffet!

And the kitchen went from this:

house before

To this:

kitchen living after-5

Those are their existing desks/tables. Not an ideal solution but it will work until we get something more cohesive to fill that space.

So probably a month before Havoc leaves for college, given our usual timetable.

The kitchen feels much more open. The living room just feels strange.

I can’t comment on how the set up works for meals yet.

I came down with a stomach bug about two hours after doing this and wasn’t in the mood to cook, nor was anyone in the mood to eat anything I had touched.

Purging my stuff literally made me sick to my stomach!

My plan is to get the fabric listed on ebay this week and sold by the weekend. If it doesn’t sell there I’ll post it on Craigslist and the local trading post group on Facebook. Then the yarn. With any luck sometime around Valentine’s Day we can set the junk room up as a playroom.

Then the boys get to pick out paints and we will paint & rearrange the two back bedrooms into their own rooms.

Assuming we don’t come to hate this new arrangement.

If that happens all bets are off.

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6 comments to The Living Room

  • Helena C

    that a lot of change or one day – hope it is all working well. Love the photo bombing cat

  • Trece Wyman

    You crack me up so bad!! I love the new set up, I SO agree about the games and power cords. Snickers never fails to amuse. I am being brave – I am dumping the floppys!!!

  • It looks really fresh! I hope it’s working well so far

  • I like the new set up – hope it is working well for you.

    Isn’t it funny how those floppy discs just appear? We tossed several large boxes of them – all carefully labelled when we moved my parents. I know Wookie has several boxes of them in his cubicle…. along with v old CD Roms that came from the front of magazines over a decade ago…

  • Great job! I hate it when the “help” quits half way through a project. Let me know when you get around to listing your tarot cards. I might be interested in a couple of new decks. One for reading; one for crafting.

  • The Pirate purged his room before he headed back to college so now I get to paint and redecorate. Want to come help, it’s not that far!!? Very glad Rinda mentioned on her blog that you were posting and just not showing up in our readers..been wondered where you were hiding!