Project Life

I did my first 365 Photo Project in 2008. Then I did one in 09, 10, 12 and 13. I had planned to skip 2011, then to just do a dozen different theme photos a month, then I switched to a project that was going to run from July 2011 to July 2012 and somehow that ended up running from July 2011 to Dec 2012.

So basically 5.5 years of daily photos, plus another 60 or so for good measure.

I still have to get 2013’s photos into a blurb book but I’m working on it.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Project Life for awhile but I know me. I couldn’t manage Journal Your Christmas/December Daily this time. I didn’t even manage all 30 Days of Lists in December and good grief how hard is it to write a quick list in a notebook every day?

I manage to get notes done about the photos I take for 365 so I don’t really need the whole memory keeping aspect of Project Life and there is of course absolutely no way I can do it with paper. Just getting the photos printed is rather beyond my organizational skills. Cutting stuff out is not going to happen. Buying something to cut stuff out ditto. Plus I’d have to buy paper stuff and knowing me a third of the way through I’d get tired of the stuff and want to buy new stuff. Or I’d just stop. Either way, wasted money and if I am in the mood to throw money at a project that will never see completion Project Life will have to get in line behind all my crochet projects

But as they say, “nothing ventured…”

I have digital templates that will work, and plenty of digi kits. Plenty of digi kits. So I decided to give a digital version of it a try.

At least through February, then I’ll reassess things.

I’m dubious about the lasting nature of this project so while I am taking a variety of photos during the week I am also making sure to take a photo a day so I have that to fall back on come March if needed. I’m sticking to some of my previous topics – groceries, toys, me, DH, Havoc, Mayhem, pets, cooking & manicures.

I have been able to do three weeks worth of PL. If I can get a routine going I might manage to stick with it.

Guess we’ll see.

week 03aweek 03bweek 02aweek 02bweek 01

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4 comments to Project Life

  • I hope it works for you. I love PL still, into my 4th year now. I find it relaxes me to stop and think about my day. I’m also more aware when out and about because I’m always looking for an “interesting” photo!

  • The pages all look great! Especially the one with the wine and with the cat.
    I might try project life once the kids are out of the house.

  • I hope you keep going. But even if you don’t – having a few weeks worth is better than having none at all

  • Good luck!

    Have you seen Cathy Zielske’s speeded up PL layout creation? She’s got it down to half an hour. I know when I tried I had to stick to a couple of templates (one with more vertical, the other more horizontal) and just drop photos in plus some journaling.

    One of the joys of digi is as long as you save it as a layered file you can always go back and tweak ;)