My Month in Numbers

a monthly meme by Julie at Notes on Paper.

The communal count items this month were

1. How many christmas movies is too many – I saw 2 this year. Movies just didn’t seem to occur much for me this time. I’m good for 3-4 Christmas themed movies usually.

2. How many christmas events did you attend – 1, the cookie decorating party we have with friends of ours

1988 – the actual number of miles roundtrip that we drove

5 – am, the hour that we left


20 – the hours it took us to get there

17 – the hours it took us to get back

8 – number of days spent in Florida

2 – number of days spend on the road

8 – new books read

7 – old books reread

1 – number of hats begun


0 – number actually finished

23 – number December’s 30 Days of Lists I completed

373 – photos in my ‘December’ photo file


  • 123 are from Florida
  • 106 are of my tree and/or it’s ornaments

144 – number of cookies we decorated with friends


How did your December add up?

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5 comments to My Month in Numbers

  • Helena C

    sounds a good and busy month – love the hat

  • Interesting hat and v colourful cookies. I do like these monthly summaries :)

  • Happy New Year to you and yours Stacey!

    That was certainly some trip you made – I hope those 8 days in between were restful for you all. And I love how your number of miles travelled – 1988 – also makes it sound like you travelled back in time!

    Those cookies look like they were a lot of fun to make …. I bet there were a lot of sticky fingers hovering around the house that day!

    You’re on the board now Stacey:

    Have a great January.

    Julie :-)

    p.s: I’m happy to say that I finished my big book after a week of really putting the hours in! I hope I haven’t ‘peaked’ with my reading too early this year!

  • Stacey,
    I’m really glad you mentioned your month in numbers post in your comment on my blog because it made me come manually looking for your blog. It hasn’t shown up in my reader in a long time, and I assumed you were on an extended blog break! Not sure why feedly dropped you from my list of favorite art friends; I hate technology sometimes! Anyway, I’m glad to have you back in the reader and will go check out some of the posts I missed.

    • Stacey

      Since Google reader went away for some reason my blog feed was not being picked up by other readers so people have had to resubscribe and that seems to work fine. But then it also works fine for others from the start so I haven’t been able to figure out the problem.
      Could you do me a favor and mention on your blog that H&M may not be appearing regularly in many blog readers & people who follow it should stop by and resubscribe? I’d really appreciate it. I