House 3.0

Times are changing here at the House of Demons

Seems those little people are getting bigger and we need to do something to accommodate the size they will be all too soon.

For instance, the eat in kitchen? Not really eat in. Sure it can be if you are dealing with just 2 adults (House 1.0) or 2 adults and a couple preschoolers (House 2.0) but for two adults and two near adolescents who are going to hit their growth spurt any day now, it just isn’t.

house before

The attempt this summer to make it work by replacing the old nook table with a real table did not work.

So no more eating in this house! It’s meals out from now on!

In my dreams.

Instead there will be some rearranging of things.

Our large living room is technically a living room/dining room combo but we’ve never ever used it that way.

Until now.

(or you know… sometime in the next month or so when all the things that have to happen first have happened)

That space where the table is now will have a long double desk and will become computer & homework central for the boys. My L shaped desk in the living room will lose a side and the folding table currently holding the boys’ laptop will go away and the kitchen table will be put in the resulting space.

(and I will then spend the next 8 or so years bitching about how I have to clean stuff off the table every day before we can eat supper and further complaining that when stuff isn’t left on the table it is being piled on my desk, because that is what happens to empty surfaces, they get stuff piled on them, nature abhors an empty surface and males abhor walking 5 feet to put things where they belong)

But before those things can happen I have to clean out the toy nook and make space for the shelving currently behind my desk.

house before-13

And before that can happen I have to clean out the back bedrooms to make room for the stuff from the toy nook.

And before that can happen I have to clean out the junk room to make room for the stuff from the back 2 rooms.

And did I mention Havoc wants his own room and has taken to sleeping on the broken futon in the playroom?

Often with Mayhem because a side effect of Havoc having his own room is Mayhem also gets his own room and Mayhem does not want his own room.

So, to summarize, the eat in kitchen becomes a kitchen/office. The living room becomes a living/dining room. The playroom becomes Havoc’s room and half the furniture in their current bedroom (including one of the bunks) gets moved into the playroom. The junk room becomes a playroom with the tv and game consoles. The toy nook becomes a shelving nook.

The only room left untouched is our room.

Except we had that water leak and had to take up a third of the wall to wall carpet due to mildew and the house sits on a concrete slab so no underlayment on the floor, which will make for a long cold winter if we don’t get some other sort of flooring in there.

Which means I spent last weekend photographing my large collection of fabric fat quarters for sale on ebay. This week I’ll be photographing my collection of Lion Brand and Red Heart yarns for Craigslist and then I will move on to my (also large) collection of tarot decks for listing on ebay as well.  I need to get rid of this stuff anyway to make the junk room a playroom and hopefully will make enough from it all to move up the planned date of new flooring.

We were going to put new floors in our bedroom this summer, May or so, and simply can’t do it any sooner without a serious cash influx. I spent Friday communing with our budget and it just shook it’s head and said “Can’t do it, fixed point in time. I’m so very sorry” in Doc 10s voice.

When I say “we are doing things” what I actually mean is *I* am doing things. This is all DH’s idea and DH will help take apart the bunk beds and move the dressers (though maybe not as really they ought to be replaced, which means *me* again as I am the one who assembled these by myself) so this process could end up taking a couple months or more as I too have a day job and am no more inclined than he is to spend my evenings filing up boxes to take to the landfill.

He gets to take them there and judging by the 3 boxes still in the junk room from this fall’s partial purge I’m not sure how long that will take either.

But I was looking for blog fodder & this whole mess has great potential.

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4 comments to House 3.0

  • Oooooo… I recognise this scenario… We have much the same going on here. In a constant state of Reorganisation!
    I wish you success – and luck! Maybe the boys might be persuaded into helping a little bit, in the areas that will benefit them? And you could always put the junk boxes on the seat of your DH’s car… big hint eh?! ;-)
    You have my sympathy Stacey! X

  • Oh Stacey, I feel your pain! DH and Clara work on the chicken coop while I purge and rearrange furniture and rooms. Clara’s room in all done (for now) and it’s time to convert Henry’s room to a guest room/ art studio/ office.
    We love having office stuff in the kitchen, by the way. The breakfast nook is home work/ consulting work central and the printer is there, too.
    I”m afraid we eat far too many meals in front of the TV!

  • I know it’s blog fodder Stacey but really. Wish I was closer Princess would be thrilled to get the yarn from you :) Hope you manage to get everything moved with minimum stress on both your parts – perhaps you can get the dinos and clones to help? ;)

  • Oh, yes! Great potential!

    trust me..those 8 years will go in a flash and then, like me, you’ll be wondering what to do with that space you spent all that time creating. (though he has pointed out that he’s only away temporarily..)