1000 miles of…

Nothing much actually.

I have no pictures because there was nothing to take photos of.

We chose to remain in Florida an extra day and leave on Monday in the hope that nearly everyone travelling would have done it on Sunday.

We left at 5am, which does give an air of drama to the departure that would be lacking had we left at a more civilized 8am.

But other than one other moment of drama, the trip was smooth sailing.

We had no traffic slowdowns, even in the construction zones.  Oh sure, I95 was as crowded as usual, with idiot drivers weaving in and out of packs of traffic. But traffic kept moving the whole time.

We didn’t have to divert to a side road even once.

We decided to get off I95 and go home the way we came down, rather than take I95 all the way, just to get away from the packs of traffic, and in the sure knowledge that the second to last hour of our journey would be spend sitting still on I95 because our turn off is in a zone of chronic total traffic misery between Richmond and DC.

We didn’t get lost in that final segment. Even though we were in the dark the whole time & google apparently did not know one of the roads renumbered it’s exits.

We listened to the end of Murder & Mendelssohn. The boys watched movies. We stopped once for lunch & fireworks and did drive through for breakfast & supper.

That is where the other moment of drama came in.

Havoc wanted chicken strips but the fast food place said it would be 10 minutes to cook them so we suggested other things. A small burger was the initial choice but at the last second a chicken sandwich was mentioned. Then when we asked, because we needed to know, not as an accusation or an indictment of his decision making processes, if he wanted the burger or the chicken, Havoc had a full on pre-teen meltdown that involved crying about chicken sandwiches and moping that “fine” he’d have the burger, as if we were denying him the chicken sandwich by asking if he wanted it, and then sulking about not getting a chicken sandwich HE CHOSE NOT TO ORDER!  All he had to do was say “yes, I’d like the chicken”. It didn’t matter to us one way or the other, but you know… a decision had to be made so the order could be placed. 

We have no idea where the drama came from with the question “So which do you want, burger or chicken?” but obviously we need to start wording our questions with more care. God only knows what would have happened had we also asked “Do you want fries with that?”

He’s going to be such fun in the teen years, I can tell.

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of drama, aka blog fodder, on the trip. It left me with no story to tell.

But the universe had other plans for my blog fodder.


This is our garden hose & spigot. On the other side of that wall is our bedroom.

Which has wet carpet because sometime in the last couple days the pipe cracked, though we didn’t actually realize what was going on until the morning of Jan 1 when the carpet got wet enough to be noticed.

We think, we don’t know for sure as we have to remove ceiling tiles and probably drywall and if we are really really unlucky, bricks, to find what is leaking and replace it. (the pipe itself seems to be in the cavity of the wall between the bedroom & kitchen)

Did I mention we are refinancing our house and need an appraisal?

Guess when the appraisal is happening?

Yeah, so we have to find out what is wrong with the pipe, fix it and replace everything (including flooring) as good as new in a very short timeline (which is damn near impossible with us) or add a cut off valve to the pipe, turn the water off to the faucet, dry out the carpet and hope for the best until spring.

DH found a cut off valve in his plumbing supplies so it’s Plan B!

But he needs two as the cut off valve at the water heater has needed replacing for a couple years now and we’ve just never gotten around to it because how often do you need to cut off water to your whole house? And why do the repair when you don’t need to? So, first the water heater shut off has to be fixed and then we can add a shut off to the pipe in our bedroom ceiling that feeds the outside faucet so we can stop the leak and dry the carpet

After we move the furniture.

No such thing as a straightforward fix in this house.

I just hope this isn’t an omen for 2014. We’re still recovering from the unexpected costs & issues of 2012.

But it’ll be great blog fodder, so that’s something.

I don’t have One Little Word this year but given how the year has started I’m thinking my theme is “Find the silver lining, or if no silver is available, copper is also worth something, brass too and oh hey is this lead? Awesome!”

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4 comments to 1000 miles of…

  • Chicken or burger…. no wonder there was a problem huh?

    As for cut off or as I call ‘em isolation valves – Wookie has insisted that every water appliance has them. We’ve just finished installing them on the last couple of spots before we leave. But also found a leak and have wet carpet – from rain coming in around a window frame…

    Hope the inspection goes well.

  • So I’m not the only one who tells the family that they’d better do something funny soon so that I can write about it :)

  • Good to know that I’m not alone in hoping for blog fodder (or even in attempting to set something up just so I can tell a story from it!)
    Happy New Year!

  • I see that home maintenance is still causing anguish … and *always* when it is a *most* inconvenient time!

    Glad the journey home was (almost) drama free.

    Happy New Year x