My precious.

Well, it’s December at last and this is the last of this year’s Storytelling Sundays, hosted by Sian at From High in the Sky.

If you know me from Journal Your Christmas you could probably anticipate this month’s story. Every December I do a post about my beloved Christmas ornaments and now seems as good a time as any for this year’s

Seriously, if I could find a way to display my ornaments all year round I would. I love them so much! I put the tree up as soon as it is feasible and take it down as late as I can get away with so I can enjoy maximum time with my ornaments.

I have many many ornaments. Too many for my tree and while we can probably go a half a foot taller & a half a foot wider on tree size, even that wouldn’t be big enough.  I’d need a new house and room for a 9 foot tree and a smaller 6 foot tree in another room to hold all the ornaments.

That would be wonderful!

I’ve scrapped about my ornaments many times.








The tree last year.

(I don’t have a pic of the tree this year yet. One of the strands of lights on our pre lit tree is burnt out so we have to get a new string of lights and then figure out how to weave it around the branches like the burnt out one is. So the tree is up but undecorated until that happens. Given this weekend is the start of holiday shopping madness; we made the decision to search for lights Monday, when we meet for lunch. Noon on Monday is a much better time for Target than Thanksgiving weekend.)

All of my ornaments have stories, even the generic cheap blue balls that break if you look at them funny and are part of the collection just because one year I was afraid to risk my good ornaments on a tree cats might tip over so I bought some cheap balls to use instead.  I have ornaments my maternal grandmother made, ornaments from my paternal grandparents’ tree, ornaments my mom made, ornaments from DH’s family tree, ornaments I have made, random ornaments we have purchased for one reason or another and Hallmark ornaments that I have collected over the years and continue to collect. We get 4 new ornaments a year. One for each of us so when the boys are grown and married and have a tree of their own they can have their ornaments on it.

And our tree will feel a little bare when that happens.

Though it certainly won’t look it.

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8 comments to My precious.

  • I have too many christmas ornaments to count as well….though many of mine are too big to go on the actual tree!!

  • I think you’ll find lots of fans for this story! and I’m at the top of the list. I love that ornaments can each have a story and that they can carry that story down through the years. When TTO was a very little boy he got an Eeyore decoration and every year since he has proudly placed it on the tree. It was interesting..last year he made sure it was the first thing on, almost as a recognition that he knew he wouldn’t be here this year for the decorating. He needn’t have feared: his sister has already said she will save it for him to hang when he comes home. Well, look at that: your story has triggered another one and that’s the sign of a great story, I think.

    With very many thanks for all of the stories Stacey. Keep on telling them! x

  • We choose a new one each year, to add the already eclectic mix. I love your idea of beginning a collection for your boys.

  • What a lovely set of pages about your ornaments, on my list of projects is one for each kid (and one for Wookie & me) about the ornaments in their boxes. Princess was showing her box off to Amadeus today and he was admiring that she had her own set.

  • Great pages and lovely ornaments too!

  • Amy

    I love the stories behind the decorations too. I think you need a dedicated Christmas room by the sounds of things!

  • I love that idea of buying new ornaments each year so the boys can have a whole treeful for themselves in years to come.

  • Jo

    That is an amazing collection, I bet your house looks beautiful when all of your ornaments are out x